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Today we are putting the finishing touches on the Temple Emanuel (Passaic, N.J.) Collection when we came across this wonderful program. The Men’s Club of the Temple produced a “Who’s Who” profiling prominent members of the community.

As a little background, the Temple Emanuel Men’s Club was established in February of 1932. The journal states, “[The] group sincerely felt that there was a dire need for an organization which would encompass in its fold representative members of Passaic Jewry who could be regarded as, and could intelligently act as, spokesmen for our race. This group also desired to create good-will and harmony between Passaic Jews and their Gentile neighbors, and believed that an organization, non-political in nature, could serve as a medium for the betterment of such social relations.” As a result, the Men’s Club was formed.

Look below to see a list of Board members as well as regular Men’s Club members.

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Page 1

Page 3: Officers

Page 4: Committee Members and Men’s Club Members

Page 36: Men’s Club Members Continued

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