Jerry Nathans, the President Emeritus of the JHSNJ, Has Passed Away

It is with great sorrow that we notify our JHSNJ membership about the passing of our President Emeritus, Jerry Nathans, shortly before his 92nd birthday. Two of our Board members said it best and we quote: “Jerry will live on in the collections of “gold” that he cherished and protected for some 50 official years, but even longer. He moved the collection from place to place, knowing it was valuable. Jerry’s efforts are and will always be the foundation of the JHSNJ collection, the Society and all the good that will surely come from that Society in the years to come. I am filled with grief for the questions I didn’t ask when there was a chance. And maybe a thank you, or two that I owed him. I am grateful that through Jerry, I have come to know you all and to witness the growth and maturity of the organization. He is truly proof that one person can make a difference in this life. In sadness for all who grieve, and certainly for Jerry, in the peace that follows this life.”
Alison Faubert

“Jerry recognized that not only the past should be preserved but that our achievements today will become history tomorrow and should also be saved. We at The Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey will honor his efforts and memory by proudly continuing his heritage.”
Howard Ebright

Graveside Services will take place on Wednesday, April 24 at 11am at Riverside Cemetery, 12 Market Street, Saddle Brook, NJ. Shiva will take place following the conclusion of Passover on Sunday, April 28th through Wednesday, May 1st. Contact JHSNNJ for further details.

Upcoming Exhibition

The next exhibit of The Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey will open in April 2019 and will feature photos and memorabilia of “Family Collections of Northern New Jersey”.

Upcoming Meetings

The JHSNJ honors Richard Polton

The Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey will honor Richard Polton at its 2019 Annual Tribute Dinner. Richard will be honored for his outstanding leadership, generosity, and commitment to the preservation and promotion of our history.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
6:00 p.m.
Barnert Temple
747 Route 208 South, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Tickets: $75 before April 15, 2019; $80 after April 15, 2019
For information, contact the JHSNJ at (201) 300-6590 or

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