Found in the Archives: Harvey Schoenfeld Collection

While processing the Harvey Schoenfeld papers, we came across these great items in a small envelope.IMG_0898[1]

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Shanah Tova/Happy New Year 5774


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Found in the Archives: Greetings from Silk City!


As we hit the last third of the summer (where has it gone?), many people start embarking on their final vacations before school starts and work begins to ramp up. Who would of thought that Paterson and the surrounding areas use to be vacation destinations!

Here at the Society, we have a great collection of old postcards from all over the world. Most are in English, but we have some in Yiddish and even Italian. We wanted to highlight the local area and landmarks. With a myriad of choices, we decided to share the post cards with messages and addresses on the back or front.

If you want to see all of our other postcards, please stop on by!

Also, if you have any old postcards from the area, please feel free to send them to us via email, Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest! We would love to see what you have and share them with our members and readers.

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Newsletter and Photo Friday updates

"The Jewish War Veteran" from July 1933 taken from J.W.V. Scrapbook

We have now updated our website to include this month’s newsletter and all your favorite photos from June’s “Photo Friday.” Make sure to check them out!

July Newsletter

June “Photo Friday”


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Found in the Archives 4th of July: The Criterion Booster Editions, 1942-1946


In honor of 4th of July, we have decided to give you a glimpse of Jewish life in Paterson during the years of WWII as seen through the Y.M-Y.H.A of Paterson’s Criterion.

Whether it was raising money through bond drives, sending care packages to soldiers overseas, or being open 24/7 as a center for enlisted men, the “Y” was an active supporter in the war effort.

Each year the Criterion, the “Y’s” in-house publication, put out a “Booster Edition,” which contained letters from board members and articles concerning the current state and the year’s past events of the Association. These 10” x 13” issues have wonderful color cover pages, black and white photo collages and advertisements taken out by businesses from as far away as Wilkes-Barre, PA.

During the years of WWII, the Booster Editions became overwhelmingly patriotic, with covers and backs primarily printed in red, white and blue ink and containing ads boasting war slogans such as “Buy More War Bonds” or “Let’s Back the Attack!.” The issues also offered a compiled list of local Jews who served in the armed forces. As you will see, the list grew and grew as the conflict continued into 1945.

In this online exhibit, we have decided to post the highlights from the editions. You can click on any of the pictures below to make the image larger(which is helpful if you want to read the names on the Honor Rolls).

If you want to see these Booster Editions, any other Criterion from the “Y,” or pictures and materials from the “Y,” be sure to stop by the Society!

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Website Updates!


We have made a few updates to the website. You can read our June Newsletter if you did not receive our monthly email. You can also catch up on any “Photo Friday”s you may have missed from last month. Be sure to check them out.

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Found in the Archive III



Today we are putting the finishing touches on the Temple Emanuel (Passaic, N.J.) Collection when we came across this wonderful program. The Men’s Club of the Temple produced a “Who’s Who” profiling prominent members of the community.

As a little background, the Temple Emanuel Men’s Club was established in February of 1932. The journal states, “[The] group sincerely felt that there was a dire need for an organization which would encompass in its fold representative members of Passaic Jewry who could be regarded as, and could intelligently act as, spokesmen for our race. This group also desired to create good-will and harmony between Passaic Jews and their Gentile neighbors, and believed that an organization, non-political in nature, could serve as a medium for the betterment of such social relations.” As a result, the Men’s Club was formed.

Look below to see a list of Board members as well as regular Men’s Club members.

Do you know anyone on this list? Interested in seeing more? Stop on by the Society located in the basement of Old Barnert Hospital, 680 Broadway, Paterson, NJ.

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