Current Photo Friday

February 16, 2018

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It’s time for Presidents’ Day! To celebrate, we’ve pulled out some photos of our local community members and the Jewish community at large interacting with the leaders of the free world.

The UJA presents an award to Ronald Reagan on March 15, 1988.

The UJA presents an award to President Ronald Reagan (center right) at The White House on March 15, 1988.


Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy speaking in front of City Hall, Paterson on 9/15/’60. Congressional candidate Charles S. Joelson is in front and to the right of JFK (the viewer’s left).


A photo of Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy and Congressional candidate Charles S. Joelson campaigning for the 1960 election.


UJA National Vice Chairman Alan L. Shulman (left) presenting President Jimmy Carter with a 2000-year-old antiquity symbolizing the historic continuity of Jewish life and the cultural and spiritual heritage of the people of Israel. Mrs. Rosalynn Carter is on the right.


President Bill Clinton (second from left) is presented with a charity box (and one dollar to get it started) by Rabbi Avraham Shemtov, the National Director of the American Friends of Lubavich. Photo undated.