Current Photo Friday

December 8, 2017

This week, we honor and remember the many contributions of our local men’s organizations to our community. We hope you enjoy these images and recognize some of the people in our photos!


The Jacob Dinesen Lodge. Date unknown. Can you help us with the IDs?


B’nai Brith presents an award to Mayor Edward J. O’Byrne of Paterson in 1958. 2nd from left is Marge Bornstein and on the far right is Dr. Harry Hewitt. The other three men are unlabeled.


The Independent Lodger Young Men in 1938. Names are captioned in Yiddish! Does anyone want to take a crack at doing the transliteration for us?


The Myrtle and Monroe Boys having a reunion. Can you ID them?


The 2013 Carroll Street Boys reunion. Seated, L-R: Danny Epstein, Ina Cohen Harris, Shirley Garrison, June Jacobs, Pearl Cohen Goldman, Stanley Blake, Joe Taub, Herb Goldman, Jerry Goodman Shaw, Fern Lebow, Shud ???, Marilyn Rothberg. Standing, L-R: Sid Cohen, Phil “Fishy” Feldman, Lenny Jacobs, Jules Gorn, Willy Brown, Bert “Frog” Levine, Abe Rothberg, Herb Feldman, Ritchie Braveman, Frank Trotta, Walter Shaw, Hank Goodman, Donnie Geifer, Marty Rittenberg, Arnold Stein.