Current “Who Am I?”

October 2017

I was born in post-war NYC but grew up near you in Passaic N.J. to Jewish parents. My granny was a “Ziegfeld girl.”

I wasn’t a terrific student but I had other talents. I was tall and lissome and found a modeling job in a local department store. I could sing and act and this helped me escape what I felt was tedious schoolwork. I became a singer and soon landed some key roles in a couple of well- known 1970’s TV series. Some may associate me with the medical profession because I played a nurse in the first of those roles when I teamed up with a fellow Passaicite singer and actress. In my second famous TV series I played a dutiful wife. A fellow N.J. actor in that series later became a mega-star. I later gravitated to TV dramas and motion pictures.

My sister envied my sewing ability especially the fact that I could make clothes and curtains and knit sweaters.

I was a member of the national board of the Screen Actors Guild. I was also a partisan of many progressive and social causes such as AIDS walks. I was a major fundraiser for research that might one day lead to the eradication of breast cancer, the disease that eventually killed me.

That’s a studio shot of me in the photo below. (1)Who Am I? What was my nickname? (2)What was my first major TV role and who was my fellow Passaicite actress/singer in that series? (3)What was my second major TV role and which fellow N.J. actor later became a mega-star? (4) Towards the end of my life I became a speaker and advocate for a bone drug I was taking. What was the name of that drug?