Current “Who Am I?”

January 2018

I was born outside of Pittsburgh PA and grew up in Butler, PA. Dad was an executive in a paper box company and mom was a hausfrau. From an early age I wanted to be an actress. I pursued that dream and majored in drama when I got my degree from what was to be become Carnegie Mellon University.

Before I got my real break in TV I studied hard for 3 months and legitimately answered the $64,000.Question! I got a modeling job with a fashion designer and plugged a men’s hair cream on TV. Later on I did voice-over commercials and readings at poetry slams. My early TV exposure led to a co-starring role in a TV comedy series working alongside an inept secret agent who used the latest in high-tech spyware. For my role I was twice nominated for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series”. You probably best remember me from that particular series. As the sidekick I added glamour to the series because I was tall, dressed fashionably and I often had to bail out my shorter my co-star. I stand over 5’9” so I had to be careful not to develop a permanent slouch for the duration of our long-running show. I also appeared in “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”, “Laugh-In” and “Cheers”. For awhile I hosted my own TV interview show on “Hearst’s/ABC’s Daytime Cable Channel.”

Along my journey in life I married a well-known Belgian photographer but the marriage didn’t last. I later wrote a self-help book that was published.

My debut feature film co-starred someone who starred in a TV series of his own where he played the fictional “Rob Petrie.” In my later years I was a sought after speaker on behalf of girls and women.

You might have bumped into me at the Chiller Theatre Expo which is often held at the Hilton in Parsippany, N.J. The promoters of the Expo invite me there as one of the celebrities who attract fans and paying customers who remember them kindly.

That’s me in the photo below. (1)Who Am I? What was my moniker in my best known TV role? (2)What was my field of expertise on the quiz show mentioned above that enabled me to win the big prize? (3)What designer did I model for and what men’s hair cream did I promote? (4)What was the name of my Belgian husband? What self-help book did I write? (5)What full length movie did I debut in with “Rob” and on what novel was it based? (6)Finally, what is my anti-aging secret?