Current “Who Am I?”

March 2018

I was born in Brooklyn but my family moved to CA when I was 11 years old. Dad worked alternately as a teacher and as a painter. In CA my dad worked as a set designer. I took acting lessons as kid and knew early on I wanted to be a professional thespian one day.

In college I studied drama. I also sang and played guitar in a folk music group. I have been called a “renaissance man” because of my diverse interests and talents. At different periods in my life I have been an actor, a director, a comedian, a singer-songwriter and an author of children’s books and Sci-Fi stories.

Some of my acting roles have been described as being edgy and intense. I could mimic accents pretty well. When I assumed the roles of Rozonov or Kudirka I felt I gave quite convincing performances.

I am better known for my supporting roles rather than being a leading man. I didn’t mind being second fiddle because I got to keep my clothes on more often than not. If I add up all my roles I’d wager that I have had over 100 acting credits in my TV and film work. Not bad for a kid from Brooklyn!

I am a big supporter of maintaining an organic way of living and of protecting our fragile environment for future generations.

I forget exactly when it was but about 23 summers or so ago I was the main event at a ‘Y’ summer evening program in Wayne where I spoke about my career on stage and on the big screen. It was very well attended and perhaps you were in that audience. That’s me in the photos below.

(1)Who Am I? (2)Who were Rozonov and Kudirka and what was my connection to them? (3a)What late 1950’s hit song did I co-write? (3b) Who popularized that song? (4) What improv comedy group did I help found? (5)Which 3 films of mine were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar? Which one won? (6)What is my connection to “Grey Wolf”? (Hint – It is not the name of a premium vodka I did commercial work for.)