August 2013

Hotel Alexander Hamilton, Paterson, N.J.

Hotel Alexander Hamilton, Paterson, N.J.

Sometimes accidentally, without even trying, you find something that you had lost.  A few years ago you scoured the house looking for it… drove you crazy and maybe there were some sleepless nights wondering where it could be.  You finally surrender and give up.  Over time you forget to think about it…..then one day there it is!  Like magic, it just popped out of a pile of stuff that was right under your nose the whole time. Before you become happy you just stare at it for a minute or two.  In that stunned moment there is a word to describe that “feeling” that is overwhelming you.  It is “familiarity”!

Your missing object turned out to have been safe and sound the whole time.  Years flew by.  It was in the “last” place you thought to look…..but the last place to look is sometimes the first place to look.  At the Jewish Historical Society, we are the FIRST and LAST place to look when you want to discover that feeling described above.  We specialize in lost memories and magical moments.  In fact, you can find things at the Jewish Historical Society that you didn’t realize were lost.   Keep reading…..

A few weeks ago someone wrote in that he saw a picture of himself on “Photo Friday” that he was “blown over” to see.  His parents were Holocaust survivors and he was born in Europe shortly thereafter.  The photo he saw of himself was one of, if not the first picture of himself taken in this country when he first arrived here at 5 years old.  There is no way to describe how excited he sounded in his e-mail to us except that for the first minute or two, he probably stared at this photograph speechless.  He didn’t even know that this photograph existed.  For sure he must have had that gasping feeling of familiarity!

Another remarkable story happened here a month ago.  Someone else very enthusiastically wrote in that she had just seen a photograph of a young girl, her grandmother’s cousin, taken well over a hundred years ago, who ultimately grew up to introduce her grandmother to her future husband. Judging from the elated tone of her letter, she also had a magical moment and she seemed to be overtaken by her discovery of a long lost memory provided by the Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey.

See you in September. Have you checked your closets lately?

Dorothy Douma Greene, President

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