Photo Friday – April 2016

April 1, 2016

We’ve arrived at the cusp of the end of the basketball season and the beginning of baseball!  Robins and daffodils may remind us of the spring, but nothing is as significant a reminder of spring than the beginning of baseball.  Enjoy this variety of photos pertaining to sports. Whether you prefer heartfelt little league games or the professional games, appreciate the hard work and effort of every player.



Award night, May 18, 1965. Bowling and golf champs. Sitting: Hal Dickerman, Paul Bloom, Sam Wollrich. Standing, ?, ?Halpern, Ira Sarver ( child ), Sam Goldberg



Harlem Magicians visit Paterson. 1st row ? , 2nd is Sam Cohen, Marcus Haines, ?. 2nd row: ?, Ed Murphy.



“Y” Baseball Awards. No date given. Extreme left s Willie Singer and on the right is Sol Levin. Can anyone identify the others?



Youth sports awards, Fall 1960! 3rd from right is Yvette Minsky. Can you help to identify the others?


Passaic YMHA Basketball team, 1921-22.   Can anyone idenitfy these men?

Passaic YMHA Basketball team, 1921-22. Can anyone idenitfy these men?


April 8, 2016

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” quiz are as follows: (1) Jack Benny; the Maxwell-Briscoe Company and later called the Maxwell Motor Company, Inc. (2) Fred Allen; “It’s In the Bag”; Nutley, NJ (3) Rochester (4) “To Be Or Not To Be”: Carole Lombard; Robert Stack (5) George Burns; “The Sunshine Boys.”

There are many service organizations within the Jewish community of which we rarely hear.  Enjoy this insight into the varied organizations which are a significant part of our community.  The Histadrut,established in 1920, has protected the workers of Israel since its inception.  They are the ones who find jobs for new immigrants and protect the workers.  Locally we have Jewish Family Service and “Meals on Wheels” dealing with the needs of the seniors and families in distress.  Volunteers are always welcome.



Jewish Family Services: Seated from left: Joseph Goldberg, ?, Mitchell Zalon, ? Pauline Bograd, ?,?,?,?. Standing from left: Jerry Koransky, ?,?, Rabbi David Panitz, ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?. Can you help identify these people?



Kosher Nutrition staff: seated: Hyman Gurinsky, president, Y Senior Friendly Club; Shirley Beckman, Nutrition Site Staff, Dorothy Agisim, Supportive Activities Staff. Standing L to R: Jerry Newman, Nutrition council Representative; Selma Lichtenberg, Nutrition Site Staff; Belle Krass, Supportive Activities Staff.



Histadrut reception honoring Captain Weyland of Israel; February 1949 First row on right is Judge Irving Rubin. Second row, 2nd is Helen Friedman, 2nd from right, Lou Sapperstein. Last row with feather in hat is Harriet Sapperstein. Last row 2nd from left is Lotte Lindner. We need help identifying these other people!



20th Anniversary of the Independent Brotherhood of the Lodzer Society. Seated from left: Meyer Mussaf, Sec’y; Meyer Aronoff, V. Pres.; Harry Smith, President; Louis Moskowitz, treasurer. 2nd row—Louis Opper, Jacob Miller, Samuel Ridel, Louis Messer, Philip Gotfried, Isadore Goldstein, Samuel Farber. 3rd row, Samuel Picon, Morris Weisser, David Zakim, Joseph Freed. December 1946!



Meeting of officers of the Jewish Federation of North Jersey. Feb.26, 1970. Seated from left: Mrs. Herman Yucht (Sarah), recording secretary; Lewis Wolff, President; Charles Kessler, Vice President. Standing from Left: Fred Lafer, Vice president; L. Michael Schenker, Secretary; Harold Polton, treasurer.


April 15, 2016

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Cleaning, shopping, scrubbing, organizing—onward to Passover, the unique observance of which has connected all Jewish communities for over 3000 years.  And, do you remember sitting through a model seder in Religious School?  Enjoy these photos as you plan your Passover.

Passover Office hours at the JHSNJ:
April 22 – 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m.
April 29 – Closed



Enjoying the model seder at Temple Emanuel in Passaic. Can you identify these people?



Kids participating in the model seder with their moms at Temple Emanuel of Passaic. Can you identify these people?



making Haroset for the seder at the Daughters of Miriam. Can you identify these people?



Displaying the Seder plate at the Passover seder at the Daughters of Miriam. Can you identify these people?



Model seder at Temple Beth Shalom, Clifton 2004. Can you identify the students?


April 22, 2016

As we sit down to our Seder table, we recall our ancient history and the long journey our people have taken in time and place.  The universal Passover themes of freedom and redemption resonant today with the same intensity as they did in biblical times.  Enjoy these photos which bring the Passover story of our struggles and dreams of modernity.



Parents’ group, in 1963, preparing the Model Seder. L to R: ?, Essie Beck, ?Reiner, Hattie Feit, ?, Pearl Kolin, ?, Helen Friedman, ?


On Pesach we remember the significance of FREEDOM. Soviet Jewry Solidarty Committee Planning Rally, 1975. Seated L to R: Doris Blumenkehl, Eric Mayer, chairman, and Regina Brendzell. Standing L to R: Florence Goldberg, Martin Weintrob and Ruth Meyerowitz.



We end the Seder with the hope of “Next Year in Jerusalem” along with our perenniel prayer for a safe and secure City of Peace. National UJA Board discussing mission to Jerusalem! 1976. L to R: Stanley Berenzweig, Norman Zelnick, Herbert Krieger, Ben Zion Leuchter, Mark Samoil



Israel Emergency Fund, protecting the security of the State of Israel, 1975. L to R: Sandor Garfinkle, Wayne; Herbert Krieger, Fair Lawn; Joyce Silverstein, Women’s Division; Frank Lautenberg, National Chairman; Fred Lafer, General Chairman; Abe Goll, Pompton Lakes.



When we speak of redemption in contemporary society, we remember the brilliant journalism of Ruth Gruber, an eye witness to the saga of the ship, THE EXODUS! Her eye witness reports were key to allowing the human cargo of the EXODUS to embark to freedom in the Land of Israel. L to R: Judy Opper, Ruth Gruber, ?, ?

April 29, 2016

Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed on the 27th day of Nissan.  This year it comes out on May 5th.  We are commanded toREMEMBER; Zachor!  Remember, yes!  But, remembering implies to take action.  To remember the genocide of the Jewish communities in the 20th century we must strive to live our lives in such a way as to bring honor to their memory.

This Photo Friday we are sharing photos of former events remembering and commemorating the Shoah.


Holocaust Memorial Program Committee, 1987. Alvin Reisbaum is standing on the right. No other participant is listed. Can you help us?



April 5, 1982 Holocaust Memorial Program at the Fair Lawn Public Library. Members of the Committee: Top row from left: Stephen Tencer, Harold Zafeman, Ralph Weiss. Bottom Row from Left: Ruth Meyerowitz, Irwin Harris,Chairman; Helen Pilcer.



Local rabbis preparing for a Commemoration of the Holocaust; 1985. Seated from L to R: Rabbi Schecter, Pompton Lakes, Rabbi Israel Dresner, Beth Tikvah, Wayne; ?, ?. Standing; Rabbi Martin Friedman, Menachem Rosensaft, Rabbi Joshua Finklestein, Fair Lawn.



Jewish War Veterans participating in Shoah event, 1983. Standing from left: ?, Ralph Migdale, Martin Rittenberg, Robert Ohrbach. Seated from left: ?, Bernard Rosen ?



Holocaust Memorial Service at Temple Beth Shalom, Fair Lawn, 4/18/1982. From left: Baruch Feiler, a survivor lighting the memorial candle assisted by Joseph Buckweitz.