Photo Friday – April 2017

 April 7, 2017

Starting on Monday, 4/10, our community will be observing Passover, a holiday that commemorates the Exodus of the Jewish population from Egypt and their deliverance from slavery under Moses’ guidance and leadership. We hope you enjoy having your family and friends over for your Seders – hopefully these photos get you in the mood to celebrate!


An undated Sunday School Seder at the Paterson Y, 152 Van Houten St., from the Regina Simons Collection.


Principal Arnulf Pins speaks at the Paterson Y Parents’ Group Sunday School Seder in 1950. From the Regina Simons collection. Note the somewhat bored youngster on the left who just wants to eat.


A 1989 Seder photo from Temple Emanu-el in Passaic. Can you help us identify these participants?


A Haggadah reading from Temple Emanu-el in Passaic. Undated photo. Can you help us ID these fine people?

An undated Seder photo from the Gerrard Berman Day School.

An undated Seder photo from the Gerrard Berman Day School in Oakland, NJ.

The pictures above were taken at the model seder held at Yavneh Academy in Paterson in 1954. In the top picture in the left front, sitting L-R: Steve Kaplan, Richard Yankner, Henry Chessin, Steven Amster, ?. The man in the suit and tie is the 4th grade teacher, Mr. Raichel. These same kids appear in the second group of photos on the right. In the top right picture, behind the row of younger kids, they appear with their classmates, Rachel Mann (Saul’s daughter), Sam Skorniki, and Daniel Frishberg. In both the bottom left photo and bottom right photos, sitting on the dais are, L-R: Mrs. Ruth Maizel, ???, Billy Pollinger.

April 14, 2017

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” challenge are as follows: (1) Dr.Joyce Brothers (2) heavy cream with sugar (3) Good Housekeeping (4) Carmen Basilio in a split decision (5) What’s My Line? Hollywood Squares (6) Fort Lee

In order to feature the breadth of our collection we will occasionally publish pictures of a community relevant to the JHSNJ on “Photo Friday.” This week we’ve chosen to highlight some of the history of one of our collection’s strengths, the town of Clifton, N.J.


The Men’s Club of the Clifton Jewish Center. L-R: ?, ?, ?, ?, Murray Golteiner, Arnold Klein, ?, Potters, ?, ?, Leon Klein.


A dinner for the Lautenberg Center. Seated, L-R: Egon Froman, Joan Froman, ???, ???. Standing, L-R: Benedict Kreiger, Jackie Klein, Herb Klein, ???, Andy Abramson, ??? Abramson, Morris Macy, Ruth Macy, Larry Gurtman, Judy Gurtman.


In the far right of this photo, we see Esther East, the Executive Director of Jewish Family Services of Clifton-Passaic. Can you help us identify the others in this undated photo?


Jonathan Gurkoff, Senator Frank Lautenberg, and Herb Klein at the Jewish Federation of Clifton-Passaic. Undated photo.


A dinner meeting for the Clifton-Passaic Y in 1972. In this photo are Bruno Herman, Mr. Eatin, William Gertman, and Murray Laiks, along with nine other gentlemen. Can you help us identify them?

April 21, 2017

This week’s photos mark the commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) on April 23rd-24th. This holiday was instituted first in Israel in 1953 and traditionally falls on the 27th date of Nisan. Remember those we have lost and please continue to work towards a more accepting, tolerant world.


The gates of Auschwitz, as photographed by Jim Mendenhall in 1992. Photo courtesy of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


Emilie Schindler, who with her husband Oskar saved the lives of thousands of Jewish people during the Holocaust by employing them in their factory. Their story is told in the Spielberg film Schindler’s List.

The 1992 Holocaust Memorial at the Fair Lawn Jewish Center.

The 1992 Holocaust commemoration program at the Fair Lawn Jewish Center.


A Holocaust memorial program held 4/18/1982. L-R: Marge Bornstein, Florence Dobrow, Reverend Paul Mitchell, Joseph Pulver-Macher.


President Ronald Reagan and Holocaust Council Chairman Harvey M. Meyerhoff dedicating the cornerstone of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in October 1988.


One extra item from our collection – a program from a 1992 Holocaust Memorial Day event at the Fair Lawn Jewish Center.

April 28, 2017

Yom Ha’atzmaut {Israel} (Independence Day) is just around the corner. It will kick off the evening of May 1st so this week’s edition of ‘Photo Friday’ will feature some of our community’s fundraising efforts and celebrations regarding the holiday and Israel itself. We hope you enjoy our photos!


Israeli scouts performing Israeli folk songs and dances for a filled to capacity auditorium in Wayne, NJ.


Zipporah Porath and friends hold newspapers announcing the UN partition plans in November 1947. This WZPS photo is courtesy of Zipporah Porath.


UJA appeals to raise money for Israel in Passaic in 1956.


An undated photo from a State of Israel Bonds campaign in Teaneck, New Jersey. Can you help us identify these people?