Photo Friday – April 2019

Photo Friday | April 5, 2019

This week we will feature pictures of Barnert Temple (B’nai Jeshurun) and the ‘new’ Temple Emanuel of North Jersey. Both temples are now located in Franklin Lakes.

Color photograph of a group of people, mostly women, in dressy clothing, standing between a female and male officiant, who are located at the left and right ends, respectively.

Barnert Temple Adult confirmation class of 1988 featuring from left to right:  Cantor Sheila Pearl, past presidents Kathie Press and Nardyne Catani, confirmants, and Rabbi Martin Freedman. Can you help with the other I.D.’s?

Black-and-white photo of a large group of young adults, dressed casually and smiling at the camera.

Barnert Temple confirmation class of 2005. Front row, left to right:  Sarah Sommer, Rebecca Cimino, Melissa Schwartz, Rabbi Elyse Frishman, Thalia Halpert-Rodis, Elana Chalmers, Madeline Eldridge.  Middle row: Allison Filan, Noah Levine, Aaron Newman, Nadia Nimberger,Ilana Frechtman, Susan Paykin, Megan hess, Hanine Mascari, Laura Galinko.  Back row: Nicole harris, Jonathan Curran, Nicole Auerbach, Sam Segal, Jared Fischer, Matthew Kagan, Adam Lieberman.

Black-and-white photograph of a man standing outside wearing a suit and blowing on a shofar (ram's horn).

Rabbi Martin Freedman blowing a shofar at the dedication of the new Nathan Barnert Memorial Temple in Franklin Lakes

Black-and-white photo of four girls in dark pants and light-colored shirts dancing in front of a large banner that appears to be attached to the curtain of a stage. In the background are other girls similarly dressed but sitting down and watching.

Temple Emanuel Hebrew School students dancing “Ma Navu”, Israeli folk dance. Please help us with the I.D.’s.

Color photograph looking up a grassy hill at a large brick building. The entrance portico is white, with four columns, and there is a white four-sided tower/steeple atop the roof.

The ‘new’ Temple Emanuel of North Jersey in Franklin Lakes.

The next exhibit of The Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey will open in April 2019 and will feature photos and memorabilia of “Family Collections of Northern New Jersey”.

We want to encourage our readers to tell their stories by submitting prospective future newsletters to the JHSNJ. Topics can range from neighborhoods, businesses, camps,or community centers and could include family memories or personal experiences you have had in the north Jersey area. Don’t be shy!

Photo Friday | April 12, 2019

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” challenge are as follows: (1a)Dustin Hoffman (1b) I  was named after silent screen star Dustin Farnum; (2)future stars Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall (3)Benjamin Braddock in “The Graduate” (4)”Hook” after the ’91 movie with the same name  (5)”Kramer vs. Kramer” and “Rain Man”)(6)”Archie” comic books

This week’s Photo Friday will celebrate the festival of Passover which begins the evening of April 19th.

Black and white overhead photograph of a banquet hall with several long, rectangular tables with light-colored tablecloths. People in suits and dresses are seated at the table. At the head table, a man in a suit is standing and speaking into a microphone.

1964 Golden Age Club enjoyed attending a Seder that included a recital of passages from the Haggadah accompanied by a chorus.

Black and white photograph of the interior of a large banquet room filled with people sitting at tables. At the head table, a young woman stands and speaks into a microphone.

“Y” Youth Sunday School Seder held on April 10, 1960. Recognize anyone?

Color photograph of children and young people sitting around large, rectangular folding tables with disposable tableware and various Passover foods in front of them. Along the back wall are standing adults.

Passover Seder being enjoyed by young congregants of Beth Shalom Temple of Clifton.  Everyone is ready to partake in the charoset, eggs and celery. Please help us with the I.D.’s.

Color photograph of three individuals standing behind a table. A man in a suit on the right side of the photograph is speaking aloud. Next to him are two young people, one reading from a book and the other holding a cup.

Rabbi Herman of Temple Emanuel of Passaic leading the Kiddush at a teen Seder.  Who remembers this Seder and its participants?

Color photograph of three children sitting around a round table with a reddish-pink tablecloth. They are looking at papers in front of them. Behind the girl seated in the center is a woman wearing a red shirt and in the background are other seated children at tables and standing adults.

Youngsters at Temple Emanuel of Passaic getting ready to enjoy a Seder meal – but first the Haggadah must be read! Please help us with the I.D.’s