Photo Friday – August 2016

August 5, 2016


August 5 marks the grand opening of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.  Since earliest time mankind has been engaged in physical activities displaying their prowess as athletes.  In today’s culture we continue to acknowledge the importance of physical activity.  As the Olympics begin this weekend, we cheer for the amazing accomplishments of these athletes from around the world.  However, in today’s insane world, we bow our heads in prayer that all the athletes will return home safely!



Roof top at Paterson “YM/WHA”. Basketball team. We have no other information about this photo. Can you help?



As the caption says, mid-day badminton game to keep in shape! At left is Max Gavzy and at right is Dr. Polokoff. The 2 super stars in the middle are unidentified. Can you help?


Great shot by Floss Rosenthal!

Great shot by Floss Rosenthal!



“Y” Champion Basketball Team! We have no year for this great team! Seated from left: Sol Levin, Dave Kwait, Hal Simon. Standing from left: Joe Tribucher, ?, Sirosky, Marty Singer, ?



“Y” Handball Champions, 1964-65. From left; Jared Konesky, Ben ?, Joe Walkowitz, ? Shelly London, Willie Singer. Can someone help with the 2 missing names?


August 12, 2016

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” quiz are as follows: (1) Kitty Kallen; (2) “I’m Beginning to See the Light” and “It’s Been a Long, Long Time”; (3) Artie Shaw, Jack Teagarden, Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James (4) “Little Things Mean a Lot.”


Tisha B’Av ( the 9th day of the Hebrew month of
Av ) begins this year after Shabbat on August 13 and continues until sunset Sunday, August 14.  For over 2500 years, we remember this day with weeping, mourning, fasting and praying.  On the 9th of Av in 586 B.C.E., the beautiful Temple in Jerusalem, built by King Solomon, was utterly destroyed by Babylonia and most of the Judeans were exiled to Babylonia.  The Temple was rebuilt and again became the center of religious life for the people of Judah during the time of Ezra in the 5th century B.C.E. and  was then renovated by King Herod a few hundred years later.  That Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 C.E. and the inhabitants exiled throughout the Roman Empire.  We recall these tragic events in the long history of our people along with the Fall of Betar, the massacre at York, England, the horrors of the Crusades, and the expulsion from Spain. Please note that the Israeli government designated Yom HaShoah as the remembrance of the Holocaust to stand alone to remember the bestial horrors our people and millions of others endured.  We remember—-we will never forget!!!   So on this Tisha B’Av, we take time to remember these horrors and then we turn to our blessings of freedom, learning, creativity, and vibrant Jewish communities.Again, We remember—we will never forget!!  We are very grateful for our blessings in this land of freedom and opportunity!!!! We hope you enjoy the photos of the growth of our Jewish communities in northern New Jersey.  This is our answer to those who wish to destroy us!


Wayne Jewish Center:  November 1959

Wayne Jewish Center: November 1959



Regional Hebrew High School Graduates: Standing from left: Andrew Gross, Joshua Sarfity, Daniel Shanberg, Marc Zuckerman, Kenneth Fink, Fred Nagler, Principal; Amanda Popkin, April Greenberg and Joshua Lipschitz. Seated from left: Shira Epstain, Kate Dobkins, Sara Schulman, Paula Schulman, Michele Satine, Julie Nussman, Annette Ashkenazi, and Jennifer Einziger.



Temple Beth Tikvah, Wayne. Standing on left is Rabbi Israel Dresner. Confirmation class! The year and the names of students are not listed. Can you help?



“Y” Youth Group: Phyllis Baraz seated 3rd from left. Standing, 2nd from left is Murray Weinstock. We have no other information about this photo. Can you help?



Temple Emanuel, Paterson. Services in the Daily Chapel. 1950’s ? First row seated from left: Henry Matelson, ?, ?, Michael Moskow, ?. 2nd row from left: Eliyu Richter, ?, ?, Alvin Kass, Joe Kaplan, Joel Kraemer. 3rd row from left: Danny Raichel, Siggy Stobetzki, ?, only kippah showing, ? Sam Yucht. 4th row seated oon left is Max Potash. 2nd row from the rear seated with hat is David Kwait. Seated in the last row on the right is Paul Segal. Standing in the rear from the left is Dave Stein, Rabbi Arthur Buch and Cantor Herb Harris. Standing along the wall, 3rd from left is Ephraim Weinstein.


August 19, 2016

Time for celebrating!!  Following the days of mourning preceding the observance of Tisha B’Av it is always pleasant to remind ourselves of celebrations in our own lives and in the life of our community.  We hope you enjoy these photos of miscellaneous celebrations from a wedding and anniversary to the opening of a new business.  These milestones bring smiles to our faces and good feelings for the future.



Marty and Bea Rittenberg on their wedding day 60 years ago and their anniversary photo last month!!!! Mazal Tov!



Champagen Brunch in 1982 for the Jewish Federation of North Jersey. Standing left to right: Susan Alper, Steven Elkin, Analyn Kroll, Howard Rubenstein. Seated from left: Karen Alper, Co-chairman, Allan Reich, Sheila Elman, Lois Ackerman, Eileen Ellin.



Eastside High School class of 1937–Reunion held in 1990!!! Seated 3rd from left is Evelyn Dubin Barnet and 5th from left is Dora Paris Mendelson. We have no other names. Can you help?



The opening of the Pompton-Wayne Banking Center; 1969. From left: Henry Hayman, President of Banking Center, Mr. and Mrs. Saul Smith and their son Jeffrey, winners of Ford Maverick, Robert Osur, Vice president of marketing and Sari Nathans of Wayne who won pony!



Such a Simcha! Confirmation Class of 1933 at Temple B’nai Jeshuran. Top row from left: Helen Barth, Helen David, Rich Newman? or Dave Cole?, Edith Gross, Edythe Konner. Seated from left: Belle Bernstein, Mildred Pier, Rabbi Raisen, Edith Finklestein, Goldie Robbins.


August 26, 2016

This edition of Photo Friday is a tribute to the women of our community who not only lend their voices to the needs of contemporary Jewish society, but work hard to raise the needed funds to achieve awareness of the necessity for parental involvement.  And, “thank heaven for little girls” who develop these skills as they mature!



Children’s art class at the Wayne”Y”. From left: Jillian Cohen, Jennifer Westcott, Emily Morrison


1969 UJA Wayne Women’s Division. From left: Mrs. Robert Peltz, Mrs. Fred Lafer, Mrs. Jack Wichman, speaker and Mrs. Howard Goldberg, Chairperson, Wayne Women’s Division


Y parents Group at their show! From left: Ann Rubin, ?, ?, Faye Stave, ? Can you help with the 3 unidentified ladies?


Installation of new officers for Y Parent Group: From left: Essie Beck, Incoming President, May Alson, outgoing President, Regina Simons, installing officer, Hattie Feit, chairperson.


1969, UJA Women’s Division Luncheon at the home of Ella Berman. From left: Mrs. Maurice Shinefield, Chairperson, Mrs. Julius Mann, Vice-Chair, Mrs. Benjamin Blazer, Chairperson of Luncheon, Mrs. Gerard Berman, Hostess, and Mrs. Morris Reisen, Guest Speaker.