Photo Friday – December 2014

December 5, 2014


Certificate of Confirmation of Leona Gorker,Hebrew Free School signed by President Meyer Barnert(Nathan Barnert’s nephew),Rabbi Harry Bornstein, and Secretary Leo Chrisman, 1950
Class of 1956, School #6, Paterson, N.J.  Joe Staum is front and center.Gerry Rosen is second from left in top row
The UJA Physicians Division holds a workshop at the home of Dr. Melvin Golish pictured on the left.  On the right is Fred Lafer. The photo is dated December 2, 1973.
Paterson “Y” swim class February 23, 1957..l-r:  Steven Block, Gary Silver, ?., Michael Aronson, Leslie Gartner,David Yedwab,Joel Edelson,Nudy Haft, Robert Reines,George Margolis, ?., and Murray Weinstock
UJA Women’s Division Campaign at the home of Mrs. Martin Metz on Thursday, October 14, 1972.  Seated l-r:  Mrs. Jack(Charlotte) Wichman, Mrs. Martin Metz, Mrs. Maurice(Jeanne) A. Shinefield and Mrs. Norman Zelnick
BONUS PHOTO #1:  Arlene Weiss Glassman and brother Howard on E. 23rd. Street looking towards 8th Avenue, Paterson NJ
BONUS PHOTO #2:  The new Jewish Family Services Board members in 1989…l-r:  Robert Wallstein, Martin Selling, Rabbi Richard Eisenberg, Rabbi Jon Konheim (not pictured: Alice Roschelle)

December 12, 2014

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” quiz are (1) Bennett Cerf & Luther Adler (2) The Bialystoker Society (3) Paramount Studios Producer B.P.Schulberg (4) Sylvia Sidney.
Eastside Park, Paterson, N.J. at sundown September 3, 1906



This undated photo was taken at the “Y” in Paterson…first row l-r: Saul Mann, ?., Herman Yucht, ?., ?., ?., Gerrard Berman, ?., ?., Jerry Okin and ?…Second row l-r: ?., ?., ?., ?., Ruth Weiss, ?., ?., Ida Friedman, Hilda Gelman, ?., ?., ?., ?. and Mitch Zalon…Third Row l-r: Charles Kessler, ?., Herb Susser, ?., ?., ?., ?., ?., ?., ?. and Charles Newman

Morris Slotkin and friends pose for this WWI era photo taken by H.Brodkin, art photographer at 3-5 Temple Street in Paterson. Notice the spit-polished high boots on the soldier.
Eastside High School, Paterson. Some of the students are in both photos. Do students dress like that nowadays? All are unidentified in this undated photo.
In April, 1974 friends came out to celebrate Max and Lillian Laveton’s 35th Anniversary.  At the party were Mary Aronowitz, Herb Denn, Esther Denn, Hyman Weiner.  Morris Goldman had his back to the camera and has a cigar perched in his hand.  Can you find anyone else in this photo?
BONUS PHOTO #1:  Handsome Patersonian Sid Brown winds up on a stamp of sorts.  Did he want to mail himself somewhere?  Maybe Passaic?
BONUS PHOTO #2:  Anniversary Concert in 1963 at the Paterson “Y”…In the front are a member of the quintet on cello and Isidore Freedman at the piano.   Standing are Saul Mann, Sarah Freedman, Abe Stern, member of the string quartet, Martin Krugman, member of the quintet, member of the quintet and another member of the quintet.

December 19, 2014