Photo Friday – December 2016

December 2, 2016

This is the beginning of the “busy” season for businesses large and small. Mom ‘n Pop store owners and corporate store owners all hold their breath in December hoping for a “good season”. Shopping has changed drastically in recent years, but we all enjoy the sights of the “old days” when we could go downtown to window shop and buy. We hope you enjoy these photos of local North Jersey businesses.


Family and well wishers of the owners of Verp Bakery at the opening on Haledon Avenue. Mayor Joseph Albanese, center, cuts the tape. To his right are Samuel and Louis Verp, founders of the bakery and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Verp. At far left holding the tape is Marian Verp. The children in the front are Howard Davis and Carole and Howard Verp. Others in the photo are Jerry Shepperson, Freeholder Director Joseph Ryan, Motor Vehicle Agent Jimmy Klivan, Stephen Davis, Isadore Davis one of the owners, Mrs. Isadore Davis, Haledon Borough Clerk Andy Foran, Ceil Reiner, Sylvia Davis, Mrs. Albanese, Martin Verp, Mrs. Louis Verp and Beatrice Barbarie.


Well stocked food store and deli counter. No name, place or date on this photo. Can you help?


Dodd and Martin Hat Store, Market Street, Paterson, February 28, 1932 Note the Brawer Brothers offices above!

Ralph Atkins Lincoln Showroom on Park Avenue.  1929

Ralph Atkins’ Lincoln showroom on Park Avenue in Paterson, 1929.


The heart of downtown Paterson, circa 1923. Intersection of Market and Colt Streets.


We know that this business is on Fair Street in Paterson but we have no other information about the store or the time frame. Can you help?

December 9, 2016

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” challenge are as follows: (1)Yehudi Menuhin (2)Stage Door Canteen; “Ave Maria” and “Flight of the Bubble Bee” (3)Martha Tilton sang a song called ‘Who’s Yehudi(Yehouti)?” in the film ‘Varsity Vanities.’ If you would like to hear and see Martha sing that lively number, follow this link to YouTube: Hephzibah Menuhin (5)Ravi Shankar
This week many of us somberly recalled or commemorated the Sunday morning attack on our Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor that took place on December 7th, a day that FDR declared would ‘live in infamy’ when he asked Congress for a Declaration of War in response to the Japanese ‘sneak attack.’ We would like to take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate some of our local veterans who have answered our country’s call.



Harry Weinberg from Passaic demonstrating his commando pose. WWII.


Patersonian Sergeant Lee Dresner on the far left and also on the bottom right alongside his steed in Idaho. On the bottom left are Lee and Bobby Dresner. WWII era photos.


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2 local men who served in World War II – David Kanter from Passaic and Jake Bornstein


Let’s also not forget the ‘doughboys’ of 1918, a time when “half a million boots went sloggin’ through Hell”*over there!** Top picture shows Patersonian (Sergeant) Louis Jasper on the far left smoking a cigarette. He’s pictured there with his Motor Transport Co. in the AEF in France. Right below that picture Louis is sitting between 2 of his buddies before their deployment. Finally, In the framed picture below, Lou is the buck sergeant of the 485 Motor Truck Co on the far right wearing a sidearm. Can anybody identify the others in the company standing in “stacked arms” formation? (Only kidding…….) *lyrics by Yip Harburg, “Brother, can you spare a dime?” **lyrics by George M. Cohan, “Over There”


December 16, 2016

Now that December is in full swing, it’s time to prepare for the holidays. With Chanukah fast approaching, our hearts and minds are in the holiday spirit.

As many of you know, the holiday of Chanukah, also called the festival of lights, is celebrated in commemoration of one of the great victories in Jewish history, the victory of Judah the Maccabee and his four brothers over the Greek-Syrian armies in 165 B.C.E. The Greek-Syrians, under Antiochus IV, King of Syria, had forbidden Jews from performing their basic religious functions and sought to impose on the Jews the paganism of the Hellenistic world. Following the defeat of the Syrians, the Temple was cleansed and rededicated. The word ‘chanukah’ means ‘dedication.’

There are traditions associated with the holiday which includes the lighting of the menorah for eight nights, the playing of the dreidel(spinning top), and the consumption of latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts) which are fried in oil, symbolizing the miracle of of the cruse of oil which lasted for eight days.

The following are photos of some past Chanukah celebrations. Can you help us identify some of the participants?


Temple Emanuel Religious School students presenting the Hanukkah story to residents of the Daughters of Miriam Center in Clifton. L-R: Rachel Heimann, Beth Minsky, Beth Feldman, Kevin Levine-Flandrup.


The modern “rap” version of the Hanukkah story, performed at the Daughters of Miriam Center in Clifton. L-R: Adam Silverstein, Ricky Schwartz, Steven Pauzner, Jill Rinzler, Neil Feldman.

Wayne YM-YWHA Hannukah party invitation, 1987.

Wayne YM-YWHA Hannukah party invitation, 1987


A father and his daughter celebrate Hanukkah together at the Paterson YM-YWHA. Can you help us identify them?


A family celebrating Hanukkah at the Paterson YM-YWHA with a great meal. Help us to identify these lovely folks!

Unidentified photo of children watching a menorah lighting.

Unidentified photo of children watching a menorah lighting. Please help us I.D. the participants and the place!

December 23, 2016

As the winter months are now upon us, a familiar concern has returned – have you had your flu shot yet? During cold and flu season, we thought it would be apt to highlight some of our local pharmacies and doctors from years gone by up until the present day. Stay healthy, everyone!


Davenport Drugs at 116 Park Ave in Rutherford, NJ was owned and operated by the Bloomfield brothers, Joseph, Samuel, and Irving.

9 Bridge Street, Paterson, NJ.

Pure Drugs, located at 9 Bridge Street, Paterson, NJ. Note the Ex-Lax in big bold letters……..


Modern Distributors, located on Bridge Street, was owned by Mac DeLevy and Mr. Platnick, who were partners in the business.


Mort Jacobs Pharmacy on the corner of E. 32nd Street and Park Avenue, Paterson, NJ, photographed in 2015. There was once a soda fountain there.


Need a doctor? Here’s Dr. Morris Joelson (center) receiving a plaque of recognition for 50 years of medical service. Incidentally, Dr. Joelson’s black medical bag is now located at the JHSNJ site!

December 30, 2016

New Year’s Eve is a time associated with friends, parties and revelry! To celebrate the coming of 2017, we’ve found some photos of some fun shindigs from the past. Can you help us identify some of these party goers? Wishing everyone a blessed and healthy 2017!


Revelers at the Wayne ‘Y’. Unfortunately, we have no names or a date. Can you help us?


A mortgage burning party at the YM-YWHA of North Jersey. Certainly a cause for celebration!


Sitting L-R: ?, ?, Marge Bornstein, Julian Bornstein. Standing L-R: ?, ? ,?, Mrs. Charles Kessler, Charlie Kessler, ?. Can you help us identify the others?


Sitting: L-R: Paul Abrams, Marcy Abrams, Arthur Bodner, Lois Bodner, ?, ? Standing: L-R: Back Row: ?, ?, Jack Birnberg, Louise Birnberg, ?, ?. Can you help us out?


Sitting: L-R – ?, ?, Paul Abrams, Marcy Abrams. Standing: L-R: ?, Dave Gerstein, ?, ?. Can you help us identify everyone else?