Photo Friday – February 2016

February 5, 2016

For sports fans, this Sunday is the ultimate event!   Football fans will be glued to their TV’s while they devour snacks, dips, buffalo wings and some type of beverage.  Enjoy our photos of a variety of participatory sporting events.  Whether you play golf, ping-pong, basketball, tennis; all sporting activities are fun, social, and healthful.  May the best team win!!!


Paterson Jewish Athletic Club  ” JACS”  circa 1933      Top row:  L to R:  Dan Smith, Manny Krampf, Herb Sussman, ? Murray Hayman, Red Small, Lew Zager, Max Weiluns.  Middle row:  Harry Solomon, Isadore Schneider ? Nathan Haft, Ben Levine, Reuben Zager, Jack Lazar ?  First row:  Stan Levitas, Joe Krause, Bob Fairman, Arnold Berger, Ted Lash, Jules Jacobs, ?Fedelstein,  (mascot?)



Ladies’  tennis lesson at the Wayne “Y”.    From left ?, Lil Bogorad Izenberg, ? Aileen Taub



Paterson “Y” Divisional Handball champions!  from left:  Joe Walkowitz, Jared Konestsky,?,?,?,?, Willie Singer—the other 4 “champions” are unknown.  Can you help identify them?


Gymnastics at the Paterson "Y" Sports Day:  2/1963  Can you identify anyone?

Gymnastics at the Paterson “Y” Sports Day: 2/1963 Can you identify anyone?



Adas Israel Religious School, Passaic—1960-61!  Can you identify these young keglers and their “coach”?



February 12, 2016

The answers to our recent Photo Friday quiz are as follows: (1) George S. Kaufman; (2) The Algonquin Roundtable (3) The Cocoanuts and Animal Crackers; (4) bridge (card game)


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L- r: Patersonian brothers Edward and Jay Simon displaying disdain on E.41st Street



“The Littlest Outlaw,” Jon “Black Bart” Mechanic




Glamorous Patersonian Melanie “Mello” Kur Weschler on E.41st Street, Paterson



Fair Lawn girls blowing big bubbles. L-r – Corey Shutzman Kooken, Suzanne Mechanic Manning, and Ora Topiol



1954 track and field competition on E.41 Street, Paterson, NJ. L -r: Gary Newman, Lou Mechanic, Jay Simon, Eddie Simon, Judy Rosenfelt Weinberg.



Patersonians Morris and Minnie Shulman. Morris was active in Bnai Brith and Minnie was active in Paterson Hadassah.



February 19, 2016



Rabbi Ron Price of Teaneck teaching a class at the Clifton Jewish Center. Through the mystic of snakes, Rabbi Price teaches the miracle of Creation. We do not have a date nor the names of the students and the teacher.



Eastside High School 1964! Tumblers, twillers, color guard and majorettes. Do you know any of these high school students?



Eastside High School Prom of January 1962. Seated from L to R: Sylvia Berman, Sheryl Lifshotz, J. Roth, Marilyn Potash, ? Standing from L to R: Victor Borden, Linda Bromberg, ? Debbie Kaplan, Leslie Michaels. Photo is a gift from Victor Borden.



Regional Hebrew High which was housed at the Wayne “Y”. Year unknown. Seated are: Caryn Seltzer and Wendy Schoenberger. Standing are Jonathan Mirsky and Sylvia Firschein, librarian at the “Y” . Sylvia instigated oral histories of many well known Patersonians along with Jerry Nathans. Their efforts to preserve the proud history of the Jewish community of Paterson led to the creation of the Jewish Historical Society.



Ellie Weiner teachng a class about the Holocaust at Fair Lawn High School. April 1989. Can you identify any of the students?


February 26, 2016



Through volunteering, we show love of community. From left: ?, ? , Dr. Lawrence Nessman, Leslie Nessman, Dr. Seymour Schlossberg, ?



Mother’s love!  Doreen Herring and daughter Samantha



The Laveton Family at the Fallsview Hotel. From Left: Marcia Laveton Chapman, Max, Lil, and David.



Geisler Cohen Family, September 11, 1949  From left:  Harry Geisler, Pearl Wolf, Abby Spindel, Blanche Wolf Spindel Rich, Bernard Cohen, Ida Geisler Cohen, Sarah Segal, Augusta Wolf Tucker, Mike Tucker, Jack Wolf, Sylvia Spiegel Wolf , Fred Wolf.



Nothing like hanging out with your “buddies”. From left: Joe Zimel, Milt Bromberg, Lou Duva