Photo Friday – January 2016

January 1, 2016

Holiday season has also become a time of school reunions and fun times with old and new friends.  Keeping in touch with people whom we have encountered during different phases of our lives is certainly meaningful and very heart warming.  There is a unique nostalgia when we meet with our childhood buddies.

reunion 1944164

The 65th reunion of EHS class of 1944 held at the Brownstone. Can you identify any of these former Eastsiders? Photo from Mr. and Mrs. Artie Kamine


reunion class unknown165

The Eastside High reunion was held on October 29, 1977! We do not know the year of this class. Can you help identify the people? Photo from Elaine Arnowitz Schlomowitz.


reunion High School no info167.jpg

A lovely Eastside H.S.reunion! Year unknown! Seated L-r: Cecil and Ruth Gordon. Others in attendance unknown!   Can anyone help us?


reunion jan 1954163

Reunion EHS class of January 1954. from left: row 2 #2 Anthony La Sila—#12 Robert Harrell Do you know any other members of this class? Photo from Bob Nussman


reunion KAT168

Reunion of school fraternity, Kappa Alpha Tau. Photo taken in Nassua, Bahamas celebrating the 50 year reunion. From L to R: Larry Seitzman, Sandy Magnes, Paul Rowe, Stanley Paris, Richie Rubinson

January 8, 2016

There is always time for fun and games.  Enjoy these photos of athletes both young and a bit older.  These photos are from the Passaic/Clifton area.  Our final picture shows early childhood students welcoming Shabbat.  Our wishes to you for a meaningful Shabbat.

Golfing 001

L to R: Jamie Knopping, David Drier, Michael Wall, Joe Coan. A day of golfing from the Clifton/Passaic “Y”.

winning team 001

Proudly holding their trophies they are from L to R: Ben Stefansky, Rafi Berger, David Sanders, Aaron Fleksher, Hillel Herzfeld, Jonathan Friemark, Dani Laufer, Dan Wein, Aryeh Buchen and standing in the rear is Coach Lew Friemark. Can someone identify the school these athletes attended? It may be from the Clifton or Passaic area.

running the 5K 001

Leon Gottlieb finishing the 5K run as part of the Walk-a-thon from the Jewish Family Services


another winning team 001

Wining team from the YM/YWHA of Passiac/Clifton. The smiling athletes are: L to R: Yehoshua Mensch, Mendy Wolf, Reuven Mirlis, Yosef Stefansky, ?Gluck, Avi Hirsch, Yosef Wolf, ?Gluck, Josh Friemark.


Shabbat Shalom 001

A sweet Shabbbat to all from the Early Childhood program of the Passaic/Clifton “Y”. Can someone identify these children?


January 15, 2016


The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” quiz are as follows: (1) Arthur Flegenheimer aka Dutch Schultz; (2) Blackwell’s Island/Roosevelt Island; (3) the “Palace Chophouse”; (4) Thomas Dewey; (5) Charles Workman was sentenced to 23 years in Sing Sing, and Emanuel “Mendy” Weiss was fried in the electric chair.

Synagogue life in northern New Jersey began in the mid-nineteenth century.  Over the years, we have seen vibrant synagogue life influence the lives of young and old in our communities.  Many of our synagogues have a long and interesting history, while some began as our Jewish population moved from the hubs of Paterson and Passaic to the suburbs.  Enjoy this interesting journey into the lives of some of our varied synagogues.

Temple Emanuel passaic 001

Dedication of Bronze doors at Temple Emanuel Passaic. Dedication by Samuel Nelkin. At right is Rabbi Herman. Can you identify the other 2 gentlemen?

Beth Tikvah, Wayne 001

Temple Beth Tikvah, Wayne. from L to R: ? ? Charlotte Wichman, Rabbi Israel Dresner


B'nai Israel Fair Lawn 001

Temple B’nai Israel Fair Lawn. Top: L to R: Harold Yagoda, ? Mae Fleischer. Bottom row: Ella Yagoda, Madeline Harris, Rabbi Stanley Bramnick, ? Max Sobel. Can someone identify the missing persons?

B'nai Jeshurun, Barnert Temple 002

B’nai Jeshurun, aka Barnert Temple. Standing L to R: Cantor Posner, Florrie Marcus, Judge Philbert Rosenstein, Rabbi Opher. Seated: L to R: William Levine, Blanche Rosen, Max Rosen, Esther Pizer Rosen.


Rabbi Greenberg's synagogue 001.jpg

Photo donated by Bartley Schwartz:  Jewish dignitaries from Paterson carrying Torah scrolls to new synagogue, Ahavat Shalom.  Rabbi Meyer Greenberg standing bottom center.  Do you recognize other dignitaries?


January 22, 2016


From 1964 to 1991, Jews in America and around the world took on the cause of the Jewish communities living under the iron fist of Russian Communism. One fifth of the surviving remnants of the world’s Jewish population were threatened by Communism.  This occurring so soon after the Shoah brought out a strong and passionate response through an organized group known as the National Committee for Soviet Jewry.  Many of you may recall being involved in the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry.  Do you still have your bracelet for the Prisoners of Conscience?



April 2, 1981, Rimma Shoshanskaya and family. Does someone know ths family? Are they a Soviet family brought to New Jersey through the efforts of the Committee for Soviet Jews?


Elmwood Park Jewish Youth at the Rally for Soviet Jewry, April 2, 1981

Elmwood Park Jewish Youth at the Rally for Soviet Jewry, April 2, 1981


From left:  Leon Zimmerman, ? Curt Salm, Janet Bacon.

From left: Leon Zimmerman, ? Curt Salm, Janet Bacon.



From L to R: Jerry Goodman, National Director of National Conference on Soviet Jewry, Stan Kaplan, Chairperson of JFNJ, Soviet Jewry Committee and Phil Sarna. Can someone identify the 2 women?



Meeting on behalf of the Struggle for Soviet Jewry, April 2, 1981 Pictured left to right” Rabbi Martin Freedman, Sig Silber, Larry Fridman and Alan Geller


January 29, 2016

The Jewish Federation ( formerly known as the UJA ) raises funds to support the needs of the Jewish community of North America as well as the many diverse Jewish communities throughout the world. A major focus of the work of the Federations is our unique and passionate commitment to our brothers and sisters in Israel.  Enjoy these photos from different times and different organizations as they work hard to raise needed funds.


1965 UJA General Solicitations Division. From left to Right: William Dressler, Advisory Chairman; Al Jarmel, Co-chairman; Norman Zelnick, G.S. Chairman; and Herbert Freedman, Co-Chairman.



North Jersey Federation fund raiser–No date! from left: Marge Bornstein, Molla Kaplan Reisbaum, ? ? ? Alvin Reisbaum



Super Sunday at the Wayne Federation. No date! From Left—Ben Rosenthal and Seantor Dean Gallo



“Heed the call” No date given for this “Super Sunday” in Passaic. left to right: Helen Deich, Hilda Werksman, Abe Glicksman, Bernice Rosenthal.



Super Sunday at North Jersey Federation. Standing on the left is Rob Hyman. Can someone identify the other gentlemen?