Photo Friday – January 2017

January 6, 2017

Hard to believe it’s already next year, yikes! For this edition of Photo Friday, we remember White Sales, an excellent time to get those great deals from all our favorite stores. Here are some businesses from times gone by – perhaps you frequented them back in the day!


Fuld’s Shoes in Paterson. Note the impending arrival of The Larkey Company to its left.


Meyer Brothers and the Corset Bar, two popular shopping spots in Paterson. Take note that the “entire store is air-conditioned!” Imagine!

After a full morning of shopping, there’s nothing like a good meal. Here’s the building that would soon become the Port Arthur Chinese Restaurant, where, amazingly, meals cost less than a dollar! Ah, those were the days…


Meltzers in Garfield, NJ.


Roth-Schlenger (later on called R&S) Auto Accessories in Passaic. Pep Boys is in the background. This photo was taken January 13, 1938.

January 13, 2017

This upcoming Monday is Martin Luther King (MLK) Day, a day to remember one of America’s most prominent and successful civil rights leaders. Did you know that some people in northern New Jersey have strong ties to the civil rights movement? Several rabbis and other clergymen along with many others became “Freedom Riders” and civil rights workers and volunteers devoted to the integration of public transit and other public facilities in the south. Their work directly led to desegregation of all manner of public amenities and eventually culminated in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under LBJ. Below are some photos of these forward-minded individuals who braved great prejudice and personal injury in the name of equality for us all.


Several North Jersey rabbis participated in Freedom Rides. Featured in this image are Rabbi Israel Dresner (at the time serving Springfield, but later of Temple Beth Tikvah, Wayne) and Rabbi Martin Freedman (Barnert Temple, Paterson). Photo from An American Jewish Odyssey: American Religious Freedom and The Nathan Barnert Memorial Temple by Cipora O. Schwartz.


A book on the Freedom Riders and their movement to desegregate transportation and other public spaces. Photo from An American Jewish Odyssey: American Religious Freedom and The Nathan Barnert Memorial Temple by Cipora O. Schwartz.


Again, Rabbis Freedman and Dresner upon their release from prison in Tallahassee after a Freedom Ride. Photo from An American Jewish Odyssey: American Religious Freedom and The Nathan Barnert Memorial Temple by Cipora O. Schwartz.


Rabbi Israel Dresner of Temple Beth Tikvah, Wayne, NJ with Martin Luther King, Jr. Photo from Wikipedia.


President Johnson signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

January 20, 2017

Today is Inauguration Day, so we thought we’d bring you some political images from the past for this week’s Photo Friday. The Jewish community of North Jersey has traditionally been very involved in politics and advocacy and these photos reflect that dedication.

President Bill Clinton speaking at The Jewish Federation.

Former President Bill Clinton speaking at The Jewish Federation.

L-R: Frank Lautenberg, Gov. Brendan Bryne, Pres. Norman Zelnick.

L-R: Former N.J. Senator Frank Lautenberg, former N.J. Governor Brendan Bryne, Federation Pres. Norman Zelnick.

Senator Bill Bradley (standing).

Former N.J. Senator Bill Bradley.

Mayor Pat Kramer (left) and Senator James Wallwork (right).

Former Paterson Mayor Pat Kramer (left) and State Senator James Wallwork.

Invitation to the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy belonging to a James Klivan of Paterson, NJ.

January 27, 2017

In order to feature the breadth of our collection we will occasionally publish pictures of a community relevant to the JHSNJ on “Photo Friday.” This week we’ve chosen to highlight the history of one of our collection’s strengths, the city of Paterson. We hope you enjoy these photos from Paterson’s illustrious and fascinating past!


Mac DeLeon in 1943. This cart was used during WWII when gas was rationed.


Meyer Brothers department store was a Paterson institution for many years.


The L.S. Brooks & Son moving company was prominent in Paterson. One of their customers was Westerman’s [sic] Infants and Juvenile Shop, which they moved from Paterson to Ridgewood in 1939.


An old view of Paterson in its prime.


The S.S. Kresge Company’s 5-10-25 Cents Store on Main Street in Paterson. This photo was taken February 23, 1936.


Scheuer’s. Note the horse-drawn carriages lining up in front of the store to pick up groceries.