Photo Friday – July 2016

July 1, 2016


We hope you enjoy these photos from just a few of our communities –  Passaic, Fair Lawn, and Paterson.  Our historical society embraces Jewish life in Bergen, Passaic, and parts of Hudson counties.  Our communities have enhanced the American Jewish experience through charitable work, facilities for our youth, and religious life.  Our goal is not only to reminisce, but to find in these photos, role models for our communities today.



Chevre Tehilim, Passaic, NJ 4th from left is William Shapiro and last on bottom row is George Oremland. Can anyone identify the other gentlemen?



Temple B’nai Israel ( now joined with the Fair lawn Jewish Center ) honors Beverly Buerger in 1993. From left: Dana Buerger, Rabbi Yaakov Thompson, Jeffrey Buerger, and Toby Buerger. Presenting the award to Beverly Buerger is congregation president, Stanley Edelstein.



Fair Lawn honors Hadassah in 1976! Mayor Louis Raffiani signs decree honoring the work of Hadassah. From left: Evelyn Blitz, Sue Miller, Mary Sarver, Eileen Zelch, Myra Cohen, and Millie Hersh.



Temple Emanuel Paterson. The time, place, and function are unknown!!! Standing 3rd from left is Bessie Mendelson. Next is Jennie Sall. The others are unknown. Can you help?



Camp Belle Day Camp in Totowa! Getting off the bus with his baseball mitt is Chuck Oremland. Can you identify the others?


July 8, 2016


The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” quiz are as follows: (1) Harry Dolowich; Abraham & Tillie (2) a Studebaker (3) Welfare Island, later to become Roosevelt Island.


Besides the notable history of Alexander Hamilton, Paterson has a rich and varied past.  The early 20th century marked two pivotal events; the Paterson Fire of 1902 and the Silk Workers’ Strike of 1913.  These events created changes in the structure of the City and marked the beginning of workers rights.  We hope you enjoy these interesting photos of Paterson from more than a century ago.

Second Presbyterian church on Ellison and church Streets--Paterson Fire of 1902

Second Presbyterian church on Ellison and church Streets–Paterson Fire of 1902


Paterson Silk Strike, 1913  Children of Strikers.

Paterson Silk Strike, 1913 Children of Strikers.



Children of Silk Strikers, 1913. From left, standing: Anna Taub, Paul Taub, Dave Welsh, Isadore Abramowitz, ? . Middle row seated; from left; Sadie Miller Cohen, Taub?, Sadie Wenzowsky ( Bernstein), ?, ? Abromowitz, Ella Taub Dorfman. Seated from the left; David Wenz (Wenzowsky), ?, ?, ?. Can you help to identify the others?



The Botto House; The American Labor Museum. In 1913 silk strikers met at the Botto House in Haledon because the mayor of Paterson would not permit them to meet in Paterson.



Paterson Silk Strikers, 1913. These men served 10 days in jail for picketing! 3rd row, 2nd from right is Joseph Brumer. The others are unknown. Can you help?


July 15, 2016


Summertime and time for families to get together.  Whether we spend time with our families on fun excursions or at home gatherings, it is always special.  Paterson was the home, in some cases, of several generations of families.  That special sense of continuity created a culture of camaraderie.  Imagine the sense of security one had growing up so close to their extended family.  We hope you enjoy these photos of some of Paterson’s families.


From Left:  Samuel Cohen, Ina Cohen Harris ( 2 years old ), Helen Cohen  1942

From Left: Samuel Cohen, Ina Cohen Harris ( 2 years old ), Helen Cohen 1942


Seated is Anna Bornstein.  Standing are Roman, Mina, and Adam Borden.  1966

Seated is Anna Bornstein. Standing are Roman, Mina, and Adam Borden. 1966


family--Sol and William Branower, 1891

family–Sol and William Branower, 1891



Standing from left: Pearl Potash, Monroe Potash, Young Paul Potash, Ruth Potash, with mustache, Lewis Gutin, above him Max Potash, Archie Shinedling, Jules Gutin (?) Seated from left: Isador Potash, Lillian Potash, Mildren Potash Gutin holding Carol Gutin ( Breda ), Ruth Potash Shinedling holding Kenneth Shinedling, On floor from left: Shinedling son, Judy Potash, and Shinedling son.



From left standing: Ralph Gitkin, Charles Gitkin, Fanny Gitkin. seated is Danny Gitkin.


July 22, 2016


“Summertime and the living is easy” and carefree.   For both adults and children, the summer is a time of relaxed engagement in pastimes.  We were fortunate growing up in a community and a time when we could enjoy varied activities in different venues.  Remember the sheer delight when you got your first set of “wheels”—No!  Not your first car; your first bicycle!!! And baseball—- the great American summertime sport!  For many, summer meant happy hours at camp with friends and and plenty of engaging programs.  We hope you enjoy these summer time photos and enjoy the remainder of your summer.



Summer baseball, 1956. back row: From left: Harry Haft, Sol Levin, ? We have no identification for any of these great baseball players. Can you help us?


Victor Borden enjoying his new bicycle.  1953.

Victor Borden enjoying his new bicycle. 1953.



This photo of Camp Veritans in 1954 includes Linda Belafante and Claire Staretz. Can someone help us identify these campers?



Is this a summer meeting or a delightful out party? Standing wearing white golf shirt is Julian Bornstein. Sitting on extreme right is Mitch Zalon. Can anyone help to identify the others?



Summer fun at Camp Veritans, 1950. Center in striped shirts at Lawrence twins; Andy and ?. Claire Staretz is also in the photo. Can you help to identify the children and the counselors?


July 29, 2016

Remember the excitement you felt when you heard the chimes of the ice cream truck as it approached your street!  Remember the thrill of waiting for the camp bus in the morning anticipating the great activities of the day?  And remember planning outdoor events and meetings delighted to enjoy the beauty of the summer day along with your friends and family?  Along with the memories of the joy of carefree summer living, we also remember “the patriarchs” of Paterson whose hard work and profound vision helped create the Paterson in which we thrived.  Come along as we visit the days gone by.


Summer at the Keansburg Beach in Monmouth County. 9th and 10th from left are Celia Abrahams and Rachel Abrahams. c. 1913


September 17, 1918—Nathan Barnert 80th birthday party at his home. Boaz Barnert, Nathan’s brother at the extreme left with mustache. others are unknown.


Summer at Boy Scout Camp. 1940. Taken by Sig Myers. From left: Saul Kopf, Pete Blum, Beany Stutchin, Lenny Sanders, Morris Greenblatt.

Summer at the Clifton Jewish Center.  No date--no names.  Can you help?

Summer at the Clifton Jewish Center. No date–no names. Can you help?


YM/YWHA Summer day camp staff, 1974. Seated, 1st row from left: Hilda Gilbert, Bruce Beyer, Alan Kaye, Robert Rockower, Bonnie Greenwald, Harris Neckers. 2nd row seated, from left: ?, Laurel Kosson, ?, Beth Rasin, Susan Schectman, Brian Bindelglass, Sidney Gilbert. 3rd row from left: Gregory Blank, Scott Keller, Laurie Frisch, ? Jodi Gold, Alan Goodman, ?. 4th row standing, from left: ?, Aline Eber, Suzie Fritz, George Papas, Jane Gurtman, ?, ?.