Photo Friday – July 2017

July 7

Summer is in full swing now! How many of our readers have fond memories of summer camp? We’ve got more than a few ourselves, including the following photos!

We are currently planning an exhibition on summer camps and are interested in your memories! For more information, please view the flyer at the end of this edition of Photo Friday.


1954 photo taken at Camp Brae Bank in Kinnelon. The camp was owned by Phil (Chick) Miller and Eleanor Remnick Miller. Seated, L-R: Cheryl Friedman, Gail Weiner, Ellen Opper, Anne Friedman, Ilene Shaft, Barbara Bornstein, Judy Sheldon, and Sharon Cosloy. Standing, L-R: Marilyn Green, Mickey Cohen, Karen Krug, Sissy Tanenbaum, Barbara Sonofsky, and Jenny Katz. Counselors: Mrs. Ann Marie Patterson and Miss Joanne Weisser.

Camp Veritans in August 1955. IDs for most of these campers are in the right photo.


An unidentified photo from Camp Veritans in the summer of 1991. Can anyone help us name these kids and their counselors?


An unidentified Camp Veritans photo from July 1962. Can you help us ID these campers and counselors?


Posters for a Veritans boat ride. L-R: Charles Kessler, ?, Arthur Yedwab, Mr. Yedwab. Standing in the back is Milt Wurzberg. This image incidentally has a post-it on the back asking whoever uses this image to “please crop bottom – their socks are ugly.” Sorry, but history forgets no crimes against fashion!

Teen Trails, August of 1962. The above right photo features IDs for a number of the campers and counselors.


July 14

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” challenge are as follows: (1)Roy Lichtenstein (2)Camps Sagamore and Belgrade (3)Phi Sigma Delta (4)Le Jeune  (5)”Hoyt”, after Hoyt Sherman, my mentor at O.S.U. (6)I painted a mural 6’ high and 53’ long depicting milestones  in NYC transportation. It is located at the subway stop in Times Square.
This week, we’re highlighting Paramus, a cornerstone of our community in Bergen County. We don’t have very much regarding Paramus in our collections yet, so if you have any materials you think would benefit us, be sure to send them our way!

An unidentified photo taken at Yavneh Academy’s “new location” (post 1954) on 12th Avenue in Paterson before the school moved to its current location in Paramus. Can anyone identify these folks?

A Yavneh Academy event. Can you help us identify these participants?

A Yavneh Academy event. Can you help identify the participants?

A Frisch Institute graduation photo. Undated.

A Frisch school graduation photo. Undated. Please help us identify the grads and their teachers.


The Torah Dedication Ceremony for the Jewish Community Center of Paramus, 9/9/1984.

The Jewish Community Center of Paramus, founded in 1952. The above left article ran in The Jewish Standard on 12/20/1974. A close-up of portion of the boxed text appears on the above right.

July 21

Parents’ Day is coming up on Sunday, July 23rd. (What, you never heard of it?). To celebrate all of the wonderful parents in our community, we’ve found some photos from our collection that feature parents and their children having fun together.

An unidentified father with a nice beverage. Help us identify him, please!

An unidentified father with a refreshing beverage. Help us identify him and the lady on this right, please!

Parents celebrating at the Wayne Y Mortgage Burning Party in 1985.

Parents celebrating at the Wayne Y Mortgage Burning Party in 1985. Do you know anyone in the photo?


A balloon shaving competition. Children and their parents both participate and look on. Can you I.D. anyone for us?

Children and their parents play a heated round of Take 5.

Children and their parents play a heated round of Take 5. Please help us identify the kids and the adults.

Kids practice their free throws whilst their parents look on and socialize.

Kids practice from the free throw line. Can you I.D. the kids or the adults for us?

July 28

A notable part of our community resides in Hackensack, the county seat of Bergen County. (Our archivist would like to put a plug in here for her mom who grew up on Pink Street.) This week, we’d like to bring you some photos from our collection pertaining to the ‘City in Motion.’


L-R: Larry Eisen, Marsha Eisen, and author Chaim Potok at a UJA function in Hackensack. The photo dates to 6/15/87.


Photo is captioned “with Ezi Cohen and family” and is dated 6/16/86. Marsha and Larry Eisen are seated on the right. Can you help us out with any additional identifications?


This photo is from a UJA function at Temple Beth El in Hackensack in April 1985. L-R: Gertrude Richmond, Dr. Arthur Hochheiser, Sylvia Kristal, and Larry Eisen.


The dedication program for Temple Beth El’s newest location, dated to September 12, 1971.


Previous buildings housing the Beth El Synagogue as featured in the dedication program.