Photo Friday – June 2015

June 5, 2015

Passaic Drum Corps 1935046

Preiskel-Miller Post #47 of Passaic..Children’s Drum Corps –First row, left, Marvin Broder, second row, left is Max Rosenberg, leader and founder, Aaron Kaplan, Abe Waldman, ? ? ? ? ? ? Herman Mitnick, ? Seymour Brown, behind Seymour is Dan Mitnick. 3rd row ? ?Zyckerman, Jake Tanzer, ? Feldman, ? ? ? ? 4th row: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hy Satkin, Aaron “Butch” Bernstein. No names for band members on the upper level. Can someone help identify other members of the band?

Girl scout troop047

YMHA Girl Scout Troop 7 leaving for Niagra Falls; 5/17/63 First row from left: ? Jane Zimel, Cheryl Dorman ? ? ? 2nd row: ? Arlene Miller, Eleanor Slaten ? ? ?

Brownie international program, YMHA 1957048

YMHA Brownie Troop February 1957 International children: Japan. Standing, 2nd from left: Paulette Wekar—? ? ? Rona Rosenberb and Barbara Rosenberg Kneeling center: Judy Mann, Karen Ehrlich, Celia Scheppes far right, Beth Berman

Fairlawn Jewish Center050

Children at the Fairlawn Jewish Center Bottom left: Barbara Berman, Standing left: Muriel Kattan ? and Fran Germain; seated on the arm rest is Ellen Katz—Can someone identify the other girls in this photo?

paterson talmud Torah graduation 1925045

First graduation from the Paterson Talmud Torah. Pesach 1925. Seated from left: Clara Schneider, Mr. Panitz, teacher, Simon Schleifer, principal, Sara Blumenthal, Ruth Rosenblum.Standing from left: Helen Hamburger, David Chesney, Aaron Taylor, Philip Haft, Joe Berman, Leo Perlis, — Ezorsky, Jack Weber, Nettie Perlis

Student Choir, Hebrew Free School, 1936049

Miriam Barnert Memorial Hebrew Free School Student Choir for the High Holidays, 1936. Seated, from left: Morris Tosk, Harry Glassman, Cantor Morris Friedman, ?Bernstein, Herb Braverman. Standing: George Tatz, Morris Tatz, Harry Bornstein, Bernie Segal, Sid Simon


June 12, 2015

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” quiz are as follows: Jay Horwitz, NY Mets; Epsteins; Tiki; Sandy Penk

June – Weddings and Baseball – “Perfect Together”

Joelson wedding052

Wedding photo of Mark Joelson and his bride Lori. Standing from left: Melissa ( Missy ) Joelson, Ben Joelson, Rhoda Joelson, ? Mark Joelson ( groom ), George Joelson, Jimmy Hayman, Sally Hayman. Seated from left: Norman Hayman Joelson, and Annie Potts (actress)

Bris Avraham, Fair Lawn, June 1992; 9 Russian brides and grooms. Help us identify these happy couples! 
Jacs baseball team; Standing L to r: Abe Jaffe, Nate Haft,Lou Weker,Harry Dresner,Lou Zager,HarryHaft,Dave Levinthal,Henry Zager,Arthur Hartman. Kneeling: L-r – Moe Ruttenberg, Harry Weber,Isadore Rosenfeld,Red Small,Milt Krieger(mascot),Harry Solomon, Rube Zager,Julie Krakower,Arthur Stein. Date unknown.
BONUS PHOTO #2:  1924 Paterson baseball team. No details available on this picture. Help us out!

June 19, 2015

 We honor our fathers who served us as mentors and role models.


Dr. Morris Joelson and his son on the way to visit a patient.

Dr. Morris Joelson and his son on the way to visit a patient.

Milton Cohen008.jpg
Milton Cohen with his Father, Louis and Frieda Sheps Cohen of Paterson.
Immigrant father with his daughter and wife in Passaic, NJ.  Can someone identify these people?

Samuel Kalish of Paterson, father of Ruth (Cohen), Milton and Lillian ( Kirsch ) In the carriage is Ruth Kalish Cohen mother of Arnold Cohen.

Dad getting ready for Shabbat buying Israeli wine!

Dad getting ready for Shabbat buying Israeli wine!Dad getting ready for Shabbat buying Israeli wine cultivated on the Golan Heights. Whose dad is this and where is he shopping? Help us out. 

June 26, 2015

boyscout camp017

Joseph, age 7 and Joshua, age 8 at Boy Scout Camp. Can you identify the children and the time?

teen trails018

Participants of Teen Trails, sponsored by the Jersey “Y” camps, on their way—can you identify who is on this bus?

veritans staff019

Camp Veritans staff, 1989. top left is Jim Capella. Can you identify any of the others enthusiastic staff members?

Can you identify these Veritans campers of 1991?

Can you identify these Veritans campers of 1991?

Do you know any of these boys from 1991 Camp Veritans ?

Do you know any of these boys from 1991 Camp Veritans ?

passaic Y camp022

Children on their way to enjoy the Passaic YMHA Day Camp. Can anyone help identify these campers?

Helpful Hints:  Photos are a treasure!!  Be sure to label your treasured pictures with names and dates.  We have thousands of photographs at the JHSNJ.  Unfortunately, many have no identification whatsoever of people, place or time.