Photo Friday – March 2016

March 4, 2016


Purim goodies are beginning to appear in the kosher supermarkets and in some of the general supermarkets.  A beloved celebration, Purim is not mentioned in the Five Books of Moses, but in the small scroll of Esther which is in the Tanach, our Bible.  Who can forget the main characters and the behaviors that they epitomize? Haman, the evil, Mordecai, the devout Hebrew concerned for the survival of his people, and Esther, the beautiful Jewess who finds herself at the right place and the right time and who must act accordingly.  In  honor of the bravery and fortitude of Esther, we honor women in north Jersey who,through the years, have provided needed services to our community and to our brethren in Israel.



Chaverot: 3rd from left top row, Ruth Heffler, Rainey Garfinkle. Seated on the right is Shirley Lens



Jewish Federation of North Jersey, Women’s Division. From Left: Janet Bacon, Joanne Sprechman, Marcia Laveton Chapman



Wyckoff Women’s Division UJA Rap Session, January 19, 1972. From L to R: Mrs. Jack Wichman, ( discussion leader ), Dolly Friedman, Linda Sanders ( hostess ) and Susan Bograd Yudin.



Fundraising for Kedar; new community in the Gush Etzion Bloc. From Left: Ruth Kessler, Henny Newman, Trudy Merker.



Fund Raising event for Kedar, community founded in the Gush Etzion Bloc in 1984. Sidonia Wenig and Trudy Zansberg


March 11, 2016


Time to start baking Hamantaschen!!  Purim is approaching.  Traditionally, on Purim we hear the reading of Megillat Esther, the Scroll of Esther, which reminds us of how close we came to being annihilated, but were miraculously saved by Mordecai and his niece Queen Esther.   We celebrate by dressing in costumes, having parties,and participating in carnivals.  Enjoy these photos of different Purim celebrations from different times and places.



Junior Purim Carnival at the Paterson “Y”, Feb. 26, 1956. 2nd from left ? Mendleson twin, Beth Heller, ? Mendleson twin—-first on the right is Donna Roemer holding the sign.



Purim at the Paterson “Y” in 1952. From right ?, ?, Paul Grossman, Sharon Cohen, Hinda Victoris, ? , ?, Mary Convery , ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.



Purim Carnival at the Clifton Jewish Center, 1997 Great costumes but we have no names for those in the photo. Can you help?



Purim Carnival at Temple Emanuel Passaic. 3rd from left Rabbi Herman. Can you identify others in the photo?



Yavneh Academy Kindergarten Purim Contest, 1970. 2nd from left is Queen Esther/ Laurie Blach of Fair Lawn. Can you identify the other children? ( photo is a gift from Etta Blach)


March 18, 2016

Throughout the years, local personalities have been honored for their contributions to the  Bergen, Passaic, Hudson county communities.



Tomechay Torah Award on behalf of Hillel Academy of Passaic. From left: Shirley Gelman, Arthur Yedwab, Elinor Yedwab, William Shapiro, Norman Shapiro, Lillian Shapiro, Mildred Gelman. January 26, 1968



Dinner, 1980, honoring Senator Frank Lautenberg who is standing 3rd from left. Can you identify the others?



Honoring Rabbi Harry Bornstein of the Hebrew Free School. Rabbi Bornstein is 4th from left. Can you identify others in the photo?



Honoring Jonathan Marcus!!! Jonathan was the recipient of a clock radio as part of the Daughters of Miriam Reading Marathon. From left: Marge Bornstein, general chairperson, Cantor Shlomo Singer of the inter-congregatoinal Hebrew School.



Veritans-UJA meeting honoring Miss Israel 1953! First row, Charles Joelson, Miss Israel, ? 2nd row from left: Jack Stern, ? ? ?. 3rd row: 3rd from left is Murray Goldberg. Can you identify the others?


March 25, 2016


Our tradition teaches the importance of FAMILY!   Our rabbis taught that our homes served as aMikdash Me’at; “a small sanctuary,” where families celebrate our traditions and customs with love and respect.  Enjoy the family photos. Our last photo is a tribute to the Family of Mankind and the fulfillment of the age old dream of harmony and brotherhood.



Pigula Family Circa 1916 (?) From left: Meyer, Louis Pigula, the father, Herman seated on Dad’s lap, Dorothy Stenchever, Sarah, the mother, Rose, Samuel, and standing in the rear, Leonard.



Bank Family: From left seated: Joseph Bank, Thelma Bank ( Klein ), Herman Bank, Nathan Bank. Standing from the left: Pauline Bank, Anna Bank, Rose Bank.


From the left:  Irving, Jennie who is holding baby Donald, and Harry Tribucher.

From the left: Irving, Jennie who is holding baby Donald, and Harry Tribucher.


Barnet and Gussie Peres  circa 1908.  Courtesy of Sylvia Peres

Barnet and Gussie Peres circa 1908. Courtesy of Sylvia Peres



Brotherhood Breakfast February 18, 1991: From the left: Rabbi Martin Freedman, Barnert Temple, Franklin Lakes; Waheed Khalid, Dar-Ul-Islah Mosque, Teaneck; Steven Rothman, Esq., Chairman JCRC of North Jersey; Rev. Dorothy M. Neal, Past President of Black Clergy Council of Englewood, Teaneck and vicinity; William Hanzalek, President Bergen County Council of Churches; and ?, representing, Bergen County Executive. Photo courtesy of K.J. Hilfman