Photo Friday – March 2017

March 3, 2017

Religious institutions in our community have often brought people together for education and for social bonding, creating lasting friendships and new connections. The following photos feature some of the Jewish religious education institutions in northern New Jersey.


A confirmation class from Temple Emmanuel, Passaic. Top Row, L-R: Ronnie Feintuch, Linda Mettle, Barbara Sabin, ???, Barbara Green, Arlene Raff, Deborah ?, ???, Andrea ?. Middle Row, L-R: Ellen Gutwell, Diane ?, Rita Bloomfield, Thelma Bock, ???, ???, Debbie Simon, ???, ???. Front Row, L-R: Rosalie Schaffer, ???, Lois Locker, Hortense Cohen, Linda Blitzer, Rosalie Friedman, Muriel Rosen, Elaine Ehrenfeld, Eileen [Barbara] Katz.


‘Y’ Youth Nursery School in Paterson – the younger group of students performing for the graduating class. Can you ID any of these little munchkins?


‘Y’ Co-Op School on Van Houten Street, Paterson. Seated at far left is Barbara Sticker, with Gary Dorman standing immediately behind her. Can you help us ID the other little scholars?

Another Y Sunday School photo, this one provided by Ellie Hein.

Another ‘Y’ Sunday School photo, this one provided by Ellie Hein. Please help us with the IDs!

A class at Temple Emmanuel in Passaic.

A class at Temple Emmanuel in Passaic. Help us ID the teacher and the kids!

March 10, 2017

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” challenge are as follows: (1)William Safire,”On Language” in the New York Times Sunday Magazine section (2)Charles “Lucky” Luciano and Ingrid Bergman (3)for exposing the financial dealings of Bert Lance, Carter’s budget director (4)liberals who were characterized as “nattering nabobs of negativism”

Purim is a joyous holiday when we celebrate the triumph of Mordechai and Esther over the evil Haman. It is marked by readings of the Book of Esther, charity, celebratory meals, and costumes and plays. We’ve found some photos of past Purim celebrations for you to enjoy as you indulge with family and friends!


A Purim play cast photo from the Paterson Van Houten Street ‘Y.’ Featured are Saul Rosen, David Kwat, Herb Staretz, and Judy Potash, but we don’t know who is who. Can you help us identify them and the other children here?


Purim play cast members at the Van Houten Street ‘Y’ in Paterson on March 17, 1957.


Another unidentified cast photo from the Paterson Van Houten Street ‘Y’ Purim play of March 17, 1957. Can you help us ID these young thespians?


An undated Purim carnival photo. L-R: Garen Weingart, Kim Honigsfeld, Susie Virgilio, and Marti McGoldrick.

More Purim fun. Can you help us identify these young fishermen?

More Purim fun. Can you help us identify these young anglers?

March 17, 2017

Some of the most important offerings of the YM/YWHA locations across the country are cultural and athletic programs. Here we celebrate some of our local Ys and the programs they’ve provided to help foster a further sense of community.


Quilters show off their work at the Greden Club Bazaar and Cafe in March of 1958. Can you help us ID these skilled craftsmen and women?


A Paterson ‘Y’ theatre performance. We don’t know any of these illustrious actors’ names – can you help us out?


Proud Paterson ‘Y’ art students pose with their creations in 1963. Can you help us ID these budding artists?


A Paterson ‘Y’ women’s organization. Standing, L-R: Doris Montville, Frieda Posner, Regina Simons, Rae Gold, Frieda Jacobs, Sadye Matelson, Helene Aronoff, June Kessler, Hilda Gelman, Sadie Ginsberg. Seated, L-R: Diane Agranoff, Florence Pelta, Ruth Weiss, Cele Gildenberg.


A Paterson ‘Y’ sporting awards ceremony from 1966. Louis Berliner, left, hands the award bearing his name to that year’s winner, Jacob Moskow. Can anyone identify the lovely lady?

March 24, 2017

In order to feature the breadth of our collection we will occasionally publish pictures of a community relevant to the JHSNJ on “Photo Friday.” This week we’ve chosen to highlight some of the history of one of our collection’s strengths, the town of Fair Lawn, NJ, the location of the Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey.


L-R: Irwin Gersten, Iosif Shpitsberg, Mayor Robert Gordon of Fair Lawn, Bob Orbach, Izzy Shlaim, and Perry Bolkin. Photo by Bob Pallesen, 4/11/1989.


This Fair Lawn gas station is still a gas station today, albeit with a very different appearance. Note that the price of regular gas was 25.9 cents a gallon and high test was 29.9 cents a gallon. Don’t expect a price rollback anytime soon…!


Radburn Plaza, no date given. Radburn was designed as a community with the automobile in mind, founded in 1929 as a “town for the motor age.” The cars appear to be of 1920’s vintage.


The Fair Lawn Hadassah temporarily renames a street for Hadassah Month in September 1976. Can you help us identify these participants?


Postcard of the Bris Avrohom Center on Fair Lawn Avenue in Fair Lawn. The congregation is largely composed of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Undated photo, postcard produced in 1993.

March 31, 2017

Opening Day is just around the corner! Our community has a storied and vast baseball history, from Larry Doby of Paterson racially integrating the American League a few months after Jackie Robinson did so in the National League to Midland Park resident Johnny Vander Meer throwing two consecutive no-hitters. Here are some baseball photos to celebrate!


Mort Rittenberg in 1927 when he was with the Paterson YMHA team. The photo was supplied to us by Mort’s son, Marty.


Another Paterson YMHA photo. Identified in this photo are Joe Abbott, Johnny Berkman, Coach William Diehl, and fourth from the left in the back row, Mort Rittenberg. Can you help us ID some of the other players and fill out the roster?


The Paterson Eastside High School team as featured in the January 1955 yearbook. Can you assist us with names?


Mort Rittenberg went on to become a coach later in life. Here he is coaching the Paterson YMHA team. Front row, L-R: Charles Harris, Moe Scheps, Sy Pollack, Jo Bubrowski, Sam Berman, Mort Rittenberg. Middle row, L-R: Sid Klein, Lou Sirota, “Cookie” Fishman, Paul Grossman, Dave Roth. Back row, L-R: Ed Chafin, Sid Osur, Mickey Mitchell, Abe Fine, Abe Iskowitz.


The 1957 Paterson Keystone Furniture Little League team. Front row, L-R: ?, ?, Steven Glatt, ?, Hymie Peller, Ron Anania, [X] Orbach, Jim Dideo, Barry Nachimson. Middle row, L-R: ?, ?, Andy Dideo, ?, David Rinzler, Murray Klein, Steven Bloom, Sol Levin, Bruce Haft, Michael Aronson, Alex Nachimson, ?, Donny Grenker. Back row, L-R: Fred Nachimson, Heshy Haft.


No baseball post about this area would be complete without a mention of Paterson comedian Lou Costello! Here he is posed for a photo with Mort Rittenberg.

As an athlete, Lou Costello was best at basketball and boxing, but as a comedian, he’s forever linked with the game of baseball. Who could forget perhaps the best-written comedy sketch of all time?