Photo Friday – May 2016

May 6, 2016

We are currently counting the “Omer“! (An “omer” was an ancient unit of measure usually used for measuring grain.) Traditionally, we count 49 days from the second day of Passover until the joyous celebration of Shavuot(the “Festival of Weeks”) and the giving of the Torah.  This season has historically been a period of mixed joy and mourning!  We observed “Yom HaShoah” (“Holocaust Remembrance Day”) on May 5th and now we joyously and robustly celebrate the founding of the  State of Israel.  Some of you may remember hearing Ben Gurion read the Declaration of Independence of the new State of Israel on May 14,1948, a date which  corresponds to the  5th day of Iyar on the Hebrew calendar.  We will celebrate Israel Independence Day on May 12th this year!  Our photos reflect the community of north Jersey as they work to raise funds for the new state.

Next Year in Jerusalem!

Postcard of the Western Wall and the inscription, “Next year in Jerusalem…”



Israel Bonds Annual Dinner, 1954, which was held at Temple Emanuel. From left: David Greenberg, Raymond Kramer, Mayor Lester Titus, Herman Yucht, Eleanor Roosevelt ( guest speaker ), Jack Stern, Irving Brawer.


Israel Bonds dinner at Temple Emanuel. There is no date! At the head table, from the left: Rabbi Opher ( Barnert Temple ), Joe Shulman, Judge Irving Rubin, Al Slater, Mayor Michael DeVita, David Greenberg, ?, Nat Kluger, ?,?,?, Notice the microphone from radio station, WPAT!



December 14, 1953! Committee for Israel Bonds at Temple Emanuel. Seated from left: ?, Alvin Goldstein, Rabbi Harry Bornstein, Annabelle Kraemer, Gil Dorfman. Standing: 2nd from right is Martha Gordon ( Hocheiser ). We are missing the name of the others in the top row! Can you help?



Israel Bond Drive, 1974, launched at the home of Norman Zelnick. Pictured from left: Sam Friedman, Dr. Aryeh Plotkin, speaker, Norman Zelnick.



ZOA dinner honoring The State of Israel! 4th gentleman is Irving Rubin. Can you help identify the others?


May 13, 2016


The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” quiz are as follows(1) John Sloss aka John Sterling, Suzyn Waldman (2) “It is high and it is far, and it is gone”; “Bern, baby, Bern” or “Bernie goes boom” (3) I go to the john! (4) Frank Sinatra, Vin Scully (5) ESPN Sports Center and MLB Network (6) I swim


The annual celebration of Mother’s Day has its roots in ancient Greece and Rome!   More recently, a “Mothering Sunday” was celebrated in Great Britain long before it became a fixed observance in the USA.  Julia Ward Howe in the 19th century and Anna Jarvis in 1908 worked tirelessly to make Mother’s Day an annual event in America.  Enjoy these photos of mothers at different times and places.  Wishing your families beautiful memories!


This is the cover of an information book, a gift for news moms, from the Barnert Hospital. This 80 page book contains information about cleanliness, feeding, childhood diseases etc. Do you have one?


Fanny Trilling Gitkin proudly holding her son, Ralph Gitkin.

Fanny Trilling Gitkin proudly holding her son, Ralph Gitkin.


Mrs. Rappaport and her son, Bill Rappaport .  No date!

Mrs. Rappaport and her son, Bill Rappaport . No date!


Emanuel Coven, Stuart Coven, Rose Coven!   Such joy admiring your baby!

Emanuel Coven, Stuart Coven, Rose Coven! Such joy admiring your baby!



Lovely Mom and her 2 children from Passaic, NJ. No names and no date. Can someone help us?



Bessie Friedman Cohen and all her children at the wedding of Doreen Kaplan and Harold Bitterman! From left: Gerald Cohen, Samuel Cohen, ( Dad of Ina Cohen Harris ), Rose Cohen Kaplan ( mother of the bride ), Bessie Friedman Cohen, Moses Cohen, Harry Cohen. Temple Emanuel, January 12, 1952.




May 20, 2016


Spring is here!  The birds are happily chirping and music is in the air!!!  Enjoy these miscellaneous photos of music groups in Paterson and Passaic.  



Violin Class, Passic 1919. Top row: (Dr.) Milton Gero, (Dr.) Al Reit, Robert Asher, Lillian Stahl, ?, Ruben Simbol, ?,?. 4th row: Sol Goldberg, David Friedbauer, Harry (Heshy) Edelman, ? Phil Blacker, Caspen Chait, Melvin Simon, Kaplan. 3rd row: ? , Max Brotman, Hy Blitzer, Robert Levine, Sol Peres, Willie Ehrenfeld, Ben Schutzman, Lou Gruber, Henry Lindenfeld. 2nd row: Saul Danowitz, Ceil Kaplan, Ida Belshin, ? Saul Sodar, teacher; Lulu Joseph, ?, ?, ?. Seated: ?, ?, Irving Rinzler, ?, Joe Rinzler, ?, Woltemath, ?, ?, ?, ?, Harold Kulwitz



Anniversary Concert 1963. Standing from left: Macy Gordon, Saul Mann, Sarah Freeman, Abe Stern, ?, Martin Krugman, Standley Drucker, ?, ?. Seated from Left: ?, Isadore Freeman at the piano.



Date and place are unknown—From left: ?, ?, ?, ?, Drums, Meyer Cohen, Guitar, L. Rotella. Can you help identitfy these musicians?



Milton Klein, Banjo; Meyer Cohen, Piano; Thompson, Saxophone; Rosebury, Drummer; Ruben Cohen, violinist.



Piano class at the Paterson YM/WHA. Mr. Irving Weinberg, Music teacher. Can you identify the children?


May 27, 2016


Memorial Day!!! On Memorial Day we traditionally honor the men and women who paid the ultimate price while serving our country.  It was originally called Decoration Day.  The idea of remembering our fallen heroes came about after the Civil War.  In 1971 it was designated an official federal holiday.  We have also included a wonderful photo of Flag Day which is celebrated on June 14!


Jewish War Veterans Fund Raising Drive 1962. 2nd from right is Vanderplatt. Can you help identify the others?



Louis Greenberg, Commander Jewish War Veterans and Ann Grablow, President Ladies Auxiliary



Memorial Day presentation. We have no identifications nor a date. Can you help us?



Veterans honoring Flag Day, June 14, 1942. Seated on left is Benjamin Horwich. Standing 5th from right is Rabbi Raizen. Can you identify others in this photo.



1939 at Old Temple Emanuel, Van Houten Street Paterson. Reuben Kaufman post #36, Jewish War Veterans Band! Do you recognize anyone?