Photo Friday – November 2014

November 7, 2014

newletter picture611-001.jpg

From the letterhead of the Paterson Committee for the State of Israel Bonds, December 14, 1956…notice Herman Yucht, Paul Segal and Jack Stern – 3 very active leaders of the Paterson Jewish community at that time


Paterson B’nai Brith Women Children’s Fashion Show, November 1950…first row L-r:  Faith Schwartz, Maxine Barash (Yorkin), Marcia Chapman (Laveton), Marcy Zingler, ?Victor and Renee Victor…L-r:  Marcia Benjamin, Marian Turndorf, David Laveton, Tommy Victor, Myra Stetin, Rina Lerner (Berman) and Barbara Turndorf…third row L-r:  Viola Turndorf, Susan Edelson, Larry Gelade, Miriam Gray (Kraemer), Ella Berman, Ellen Hector, Susan Edelson, Frances Michaels and Deanna Zimmerman.
Baby Mildred Rosensweig wearing her birthday suit…date unknown
The Rosenthal Family, l-r:  Peter, Ruth, Richard and Alex…date unknown
Orie Salkowitz, Paterson 1918

Orie Salkowitz, Paterson 1918

BONUS PHOTO #1:  “Y” Parents group annual show held in the Harry S. Albert Auditorium*, Paterson, date unknown.  Featured in the photo are (in no order) are:   Marilyn Korn, Gussie Frucht, Hinda Robinson Evie Lawrence, Marge Cohen Geld, Norma Joelson Hamen, G. Frucht, Fran Resenger and Estelle Kaplan. Photo donated by Hinda Simons Robinson
BONUS PHOTO #2:  Ida Geisler Cohen is looking right at us as a young woman.  She is front and center.  Her friends are unidentified.
* For those who didn’t know Harry we quote from the January 6, 1944 Criterion as follows:”Harry S.Albert, executive Director of the ‘Y’ and member of the Board of Education passed away yesterday at the Barnert Hospital. He had served as executive director for 22 years. He was 44 years old. Officiating were 3 rabbis, Rabbi Bezalel Cohen,chief orthodox rabbi; Rabbi Reuben Kaufman,of Temple Emanuel and Rabbi Max Raisin,of Barnert Temple.    When apprised of the death of Mr. Albert, Paterson Mayor William Furrey issued this statement: ‘When a man like Harry Albert passes away, the city suffers an irreparable loss.Of boundless energy, he was one of the finest forces for good in Paterson, and for much of the good record the city enjoys in juvenile and social welfare work,he was responsible. As a member of the Board of Education,he proved his independence of spirit and of mind and he was a thoroughly conscientious public official.’ “

November 14, 2014

The answers to our recent “Who Am I”? quiz are as follows: Harry Houdini, “Rosabelle believe,” Lyceum Theatre. Thank you all for participating.


Notice of Classification, Local Board, August 2, 1945 . . .for Max Laveton…signed by William S. Costello, Draft Board Member
‘Lion of Judah’ Conference, Washington DC, September 1998 . . . first row l-r:  Carol Kramer, Sylvia Safer, Jeanne Liss, ?., Ella Berman, Sheila Chestnov, Maddie Kupperman and ?. . . . second row l-r:  Susan Greenspan (Women’s Division Director), Shelley Lipson, Sue Sher, Marcia Chapman, Judy Opper, Susan Simon, Nancy Kramer, Margie Immerman and Adele Rebell . . . top row l-r:  ?. and Elaine Kaufman.
The summer of 1936 in Paterson…l-r:   ?., Ted Greenfarb, Joe Walkowitz and 

Ted Greenfarb’s father.


JFSVolunteersKleinfeld478-002.jpgJewish Family Services, telephone support gals. L-r:  Naomi Linder,Faith Kleinfeld, Rose Janowitz, Hortz Oberndorf and Norma Gindes

 The Aahenau's and the Herman' unknown
The Fair Lawn/Paramus Aahenaus and the Hermans…1984
Passaic...Lexington Avenue (?), January 13, 1938Passaic…Lexington Avenue (?), January 13, 1938. note the 2 competitors in the picture – “R & S Auto Supplies” & Manny,Moe, and Jack, the “Pep Boys



BONUS PHOTO #2:  What a beautiful composition this smart looking woman makes sitting in this autumn setting in the park.  Does anyone recognize her?  Photo courtesy of the Rose Rosen Douma collection.

November 21, 2014


August 16, 1934 YM/YWHA Criterion news item!
Eastside High School, Paterson, N.J., 1937…in the second row is Ethel Goldberg and Florence Falk…please help us name the rest!
Patersonians Larry Berman, ?., Rabbi Panitz, Sheldon Ezor and Irving Brawer presentng an award to Rabbi Panitz…year unknown
The wedding of Ruth Lubert and Larry Sacks, September 4, 1955 at the Barnert Temple, Broadway and Straight Street, Paterson NJ.  Seated and celebrating are l-r:  Susan Heller, Judy Atamian (Warhaftig), Betty Heller (Nussman), Jerry Heller, Rose Berzin and Belle Bernstein.  Standing l-r:  Ann Katz, Lillian Heller, Yitz Berzin and Julie Bernstein.
Private Paul Gavzy gives us his best smile although his photo has a rip that looks like the backwards state of Idaho on his blouse.  Undated.
BONUS PHOTO #1:  New Year’s Eve 1987 celebrated at the home of Belle Lewis…l-r:  Lynn Susman, Belle Lewis and Reeva Isaacs.   All three helped start the oral history program at the Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey
BONUS PHOTO #2:  The front of the Sewing Center located at 78 Prospect St., Paterson, N.J. owned by Alex and Mollie Solinsky…also known as the Notion Store
 This photo is a mystery to us.  We think they are Soviet cowboys!
BONUS PHOTO #3:  This photo is a mystery to us.  Are they Cossacks or cowboys?  They were found in a folder labeled “Soviet Jewry.”  Hey, they may not be local but they sure are interesting!

November 28, 2014

This was found in the November 26, 1925 Paterson "Y" Criterion...

This was found in the November 26, 1925 Paterson “Y” Criterion…


Ruth Ipp Paterson school photo learnin’ readin’, ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic…little Ruth is on the far left, date unknown.

Meeting of Administrators and Residents of the Barnert Memorial Hospital, September 21, 1954…..first row: l-r: John Cuneo, Harvey Schoenfeld, David Kreger, John Beaton, Moses Boskin and George Billings….second row l-r: George Adams, Anthony Maranga, Aldino Gavazzi, Alphonse Strachocki, Benjamind Latt and Harvey Weinberg.

Patersonians Bernard Cohen, ? Cohen and Nathan Geisler pose for this November 1945 “buddy” photo.
The Mann family on May 27, 1943…Mother Stella, Sam and baby David…are those “balloon” knickers on Sam?
BONUS PHOTO 1:  Badminton Class at the Paterson “Y”.  Shirley Sher is on the bottom right. Standing on the right is Doreen Tanis Dinzes.
BONUS PHOTO 2:  Passaic celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Temple Emanuel in May,1973.  Pictured here are the past presidents of sisterhood.  Passaicites,we need your help naming these devoted past presidents!!!