Photo Friday – November 2016

November 4, 2016

Have you been obsessed with your TV, computer, and/or radio listening to all the hoopla concerning the political environment of the year 2016? We hope you enjoy the photos of some of our political figures.


L-r: Irving “Izzy” Kaplan and Joseph Belsky, President Amalgamated Meat Cutters


L-R: George Bogorad, Congressman Charles “Chuck” Joelson, Charles Kessler.

Left is Govenor Robert Meyner with James Klivan

L-R: Governor Robert Meyner and James “Jimmy” Klevan.


Northern New Jersey Hadassah event. C. ’81-’84 Seated L-R: Peter Simon, a very young Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, Ruth Cole, Hadassah President, NW Region. Standing from left: Susan Simon, Molla Reisbaum, Carol Fein, Rachel Rapport, Rose Goldman.


L-r: Miriam Novick, Ann Stein, Senator Frank Lautenberg, Helen Feinberg, Sarah Jane Densen. Event to benefit the Lautenberg Center at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

November 11, 2016

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” challenge are as follows: (1) Gene Barry; it was worn when I portrayed Bat Masterson in a TV series (2) John Barrymore (3) Catherine Was Great (4)”Watergate: A Musical”, Fiddler on the Roof, and Once More with Feeling’ ;( 5) Burke’s Law ;(6) RFK

When we were kids, November was always a great month. We had no school on Election Day, then the days off for Teachers’ Convention, another vacation day for Armistice Day aka Veterans Day and finally the long weekend for Thanksgiving. For teachers it was a difficult month to keep up with the required curriculum, but for the students, it was a fun time with vacation days every week. We hope you enjoy these photos acknowledging education, our war Veterans and Election Day!


Paterson School #21, class of 1964. Standing from left: Leslie Gambette, Rita Ajzner, ?, Rose Hemsey, Modesto Ciardi, ?, Alford Chalmers, ?,?, Robin Weeks, Bonita Yost, ? Middle row from left: Bonnie Ott, Robert Volpe, Therea Palumbo, William Wilson, Nabile Polotok, Steve Freeman ?, Kenneth Bauer, ?, Francisco Cruz, Jeanette Weiss. Bottom row: Ina Cohen, teacher, Edonel Cooper, Reba Gutin, ?, Pearl Lieberman, Elijah Cooper, Dorothy Miska, Vice Principal, Paul Klein, Principal, Janice Miller, ?,?, Marc Abo, Sandra Bonagura


Eastside High School class of 1954, “get together” August 2000. Standing from left: Barry Kalen, Gordon Westerfeld, Miriam Kraemer Gray. Seated from left: Nellie Danzi, Anita Galese Hollander, Joel Pollner, Mary Gulino.


Paterson Jewish War Veterans. There is no information on this photo. Can someone help?


Paterson War Veterans: Last on the right kneeling is Harry Zax. Middle row 4th from left is Rabbi Reuben Kaufman. Standing 7th from left is Arnold Smith. The others are not identified. Please help.


L-r: Jimmy Klivan of Paterson, Governor Robert Meyner, Mayor Robert Wagner of NYC

November 18, 2016

Now that the election is behind us, the speeches, the hostilities, the accusations, and the partisan hubris, we can return to some sense of normalcy. Whether your candidate won or not, we all must respect the new P.O.T.U.S. and go on. Part of our autumn tradition is the passion for football. At all times wrestling has been an engaging and fun sport. Of course, whenever someone puts him/herself “out there”, an award is always encouraging. We hope you enjoy these non-political photos of sports.


Passaic “Y” football team, 1927. We have no identification of these football players. Can you help?


Paterson YMHA Football team, 1925. L-r: Judge Teddy Rosenberg, Seymour Goodman, Aaron Slotnick, Louis Schwartz, ?Goldberg, Abe Germansky, Willie Singer, Mort Rittenberg, Johnny King, Bernie Kahn, Sam Minsky. 2nd row L-r: Ed Saltzman, George Mussaf, Louis Schwartz, Mort Kaplan, Jules Rafkin, Hymie Rosen. Top row L-r: Phil Chessin, Louis Berliner, Al Shulman, Ed Brill, Murray Hayman, Manny Morris, Hap Tobin.


Roosevelt Club, 1928. Front row from left: Max Salzman, Henry Rosenberg, Jules Krakower. 2nd row from left: ?Pantel, Leo Weberman, Dr. Al Widetsky, Rump Rosenblatt, Teddy Rosenberg, Bollie Morris, Lou Libert. 3rd row from left: Sam Weiner, Jerry Siegel, George Mussaf, Sam Chrisman, (Isidore)Tiny Steiker, Sid Libert, Lefty Berman, Solly Osur, Joe Moore. 4th row from left: Sam Minsky, Bunny Osur, Aaron Slotkin, Morris Raiss, Mac Dresner, Ike Isaacs, Ben Goldberg.


Paterson “Y” wrestling team February 24, 1963. L-r bottom: Steve Glatt?,? Standing L-r: Jack Gelman,?, Joel Ackerman,?,?,? Can someone help to identify the others?


Paterson “Y” Sports Awards, June 1962. L-r: Joe Walkowitz, Sol Levin, Athletic Committee Chair, Abe Jaffe, and Bernie Pruzansky

November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving–the quintessential American holiday! On the surface we all recall the sumptuous meal we enjoyed for which some family members planned and prepared for days in advance. We remember getting to Hinchliffe Stadium either by bus,walking, or someone else’s car to watch the annual football game—-Eastside vs Central. Other towns watched their football teams play against their traditional rivals. Thanksgiving is the one holiday observed by all Americans. It unifies all of us by reminding us how fortunate we are to be living in this great land. And, the key to our security is the warmth and continuity of our families in this blessed land.


Three generations at Sunday school assembly marking Jewish Music Month : In front is 6 year old Janice Diner. Left is Mrs. Daniel Diner active in the Paterson “Y” and on the faculty of Sunday school, Max Lifset, her father, who led the choir, and Harry Lifset a member of the Sunday school faculty.


Robbins Family:  Mrs. Eric Robbins, Harry Robbins and Mr. Eric Robbins

Robbins Family- L-r: Mrs. Eric Robbins, Harry Robbins and Mr. Eric Robbins


L-r: Anne Wosk, Florence Friedman (Fyge), Louis Weiss, Estelle Sigenlaub, Rose Gutin (Ryzie).

Dora and Barney Chesnoff.  Barney from Minsk and Dora was a violinist.

Dora and Barney Chesnoff. Barney emigrated from Minsk. Dora was a violinist.