Photo Friday – November 2017

November 3

Election Day is just around the corner! From local to national politics, JHSNJ has a treasure trove of political photos in our collection. We hope you enjoy them and manage to get out there and vote on Tuesday!

A postcard featuring Congressman Charles S. Joelson.

A postcard featuring Paterson Congressman Charles S. Joelson.


Second from left is Congressman Roe; third from left is Mel Opper. Can you identify the other two men?


The above image was taken April 19th, 1998. Second from left is Jimmy Klivan; fourth from left is Robert Keegan. Can you help us identify the others?


The above image is a dinner table featuring James Klivan, Ed Salzburg, Tom Brogan Sr., Ben Bess, and Winnie Rothstein. Can you help us label any others?


Blanche Joelson at the reception for a December 1962 exhibition of her paintings, fused glass, and sculpture. Seated to her left is former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.


Seated is Mayor Frank X. Graves. Standing, L-R : ???, ???, Milton Branberg, Judge Sam Doan, ???.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the opening of the JHSNJ Summer Camp Reunion Exhibition on October 29. We hope you enjoyed the exhibit and would appreciate your feedback. Please send your comments to

We look forward to hearing from you.

The JHSNJ has an exhibition of summer camp photos and memorabilia on display in our reception area now through December 2017. Hours of viewing are Monday and Wednesday, 11:00 AM-3:00 PM.

November 10

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” challenge are as follows: (1)Danny Stiles; born Danny Silberg (2) “The Red Blazer”; John Drew Barrymore (3) We both hosted the “Kit-Kat Club”- mine was ‘on-air’ and Joel’s was in pre-war Berlin; “Three Guys from Italy” (4) King of Nostalgia, Vicar of Vintage Vinyl, Archangel of Archives, Great Guru of Golden Gramophones, Passionate Pasha of Peripatetic Platters, King of Dreamy Discology, Dean of Déjà vu, Swami of Sacred Songs. (5)Shirley Temple’s “Goodnight My Love” from the movie “Stowaway” and the line, “Hold the door Rodney, the 78’s are excruciatingly heavy.” (6)Temple B’nai Jeshrun in Short Hills; to the JNF so they could plant trees in Israel.

Saturday is Veterans’ Day, so we felt it best to honor the service of the veterans in our community. The Jewish War Veterans have multiple posts in our area and we have many photos featuring them and their work back home. Thank your local veterans this weekend!


A few Jewish War Veterans members posing in front of a statue in Jersey City. Due to the size of the photo (4×6) and the presence of the original World Trade Center this photo likely dates to the mid-to-late 1990s. Do you recognize the men featured here?


A veteran posing in front of a collection of photos, medals, and commendations. Does anyone know his name?


A JWV award ceremony. We recognize former Governor Jim Florio second from the left. Does anyone know the other people and the occasion?


More veterans reuniting to reminisce about the old days and exchange war stories. Can you help us identify these men?


The above photo is an undated, unlabeled image. Can you please help us identify the people and the occasion?


The above photo is another unidentified JWV gathering. Please help us in identifying these patriotic folks!

November 17

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving season? Whether you’re braving the cold at a football game or at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or watching all the action inside, we hope you have a delightful holiday surrounded by the friends and family you love. To help you celebrate, we’ve got some family dinner photos to get you prepared for your own feast! Now get cooking!

The Cohen/Kalish family enjoying a nice meal.

The Cohen/Kalish family dining out. Do you know anyone pictured here?


Another family dinner out and about. Can you help us with their names?


The Blender family having a holiday gathering. L-R around the table: ???, ???, Howard Brussel, Lois Brussel, Carol Peligal, Milly Press, ???, Katie Blender, Morris Blender, ???, Albert Press, ???, ???.

The Wolfson family in an undated photo in front of a dark room they donated.

The Wolfson family in an undated photo in front of a dark room they donated.


A family gathering at home. Can you help us identify them?


This is a Cohen family gathering dating to the late 1910s-early 1920s, but none of the people are identified. Can you help?

November 24

Mama, if that’s moving up, then I’m moving out! Many of the family-owned businesses in our community were in the business of transporting furniture and other home goods from place to place as families moved from here to there. Here are some of these local businesses!


Fishman was a nationwide company, but their main storage warehouse was in Paterson on Madison Avenue.


L.S. Brooks and Son moved both short- and long-distance and could be found on Fulton Street in Paterson.


Samuel Haft was in the tricky business of moving pianos. Hopefully they were better at their work than Laurel and Hardy were in the Oscar-winning two-reeler The Music Box:


Finkle’s Express Inc. could be found in both Passaic and New York. The truck’s stats can be found on the bottom of the image.

BONUS PHOTO #2:  Moving Van dated 1937

This photo of the Dave Levine, Inc. van is dated to 1937.