Photo Friday – October 2015

October 2, 2015

Thanks to Hinda Simons Robinson for sharing some of her photos with us.  Her mother Regina Simons was active in the Paterson ‘Y’ Parent Teachers Association.

Y Banquet Hall095

Y Banquet Hall, 1945. From left: Ben Dunbergh, behind Ben is Bernice Simons, next to Ben is Hinda Simons, Doreen Tanis, Standing, top right is Mort Rubenstein, Bell Krass, Regina Simons, Emma Henkowitz

Y parent show096

Y Parent Show, 1947. Top row from left: Emma Henkowitz, Alan Wyenn, Ann Rubin, Sonja Friedman. 2nd row L to R: Regina Simons, Esther Beck, Ruth Proskauer, ?, ?, Estelle Kaplan, Rose Ellin, Evelyn Weintraub, Betty Osur, ? Faye Rosenberg. Seated L to R: ? , Fay Stave, Fannie Chessin, Elsie?, Chuck?, Trudy Grant Merrill, Bernice Simons Kessler, Hinda Simons Robinson. Seated are dancers perhaps Lil Berman’s daughers.

Y group skits 1947098

Y parents group skits in 1947. From L to R: Esther Beck, Ann Rubin, Ruth Proskauer, Sonia Friedman, Regina Simons, ?, Betty Osur, Fay Stave, Fannie Chessin, Evelyn Weintraub, Bernice Simons Kessler, Estelle Kaplan, Hinda Simons Robinson.

Lovely performers at the Y parent show:  Lil Schnieder, ?, Frieda Posner!

Lovely performers at the Y parent show: Lil Schnieder, ?, Frieda Posner!

Y dinner099

Dinner of the Y Teachers’ Association: Head table: from R to L: Lil Schneider, Mary Olson, Sally Wichman, Regina Simons, Gussie Zangwill, Frieda Posner, Essie Beck, Hattie Feit, ? ?Esterman.

October 9, 2015

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” quiz are as follows: (1) {Adolph} Arthur Marx aka Harpo Marx; (2) “Frenchy” because he was born in Alsace; (3) Algonquin Round Table (4) “Banjo” (5) the harp, particularly those that were manufactured  by Long & Healy Gold-Gilt Concert Grads model #24.

Enjoy the photos of the Paterson “Y” Golden Age Club!

anniversary of golden age group107

19th Anniversary of the Senior Adults at the Paterson “Y”, January 23, 1966. Head table are officers and program participants. Standing 2nd from right is Belle Krass.

golden age art group105

Golden Age Club at Paterson “Y” 196?. from R to L : Joseph Eisen ? Blanche Joelson –remainder are unknown. Blanche Joelson, an artist, worked with the group to create this beautiful collage of “old country” memories. Can you identify the other members of the group?

golden age birthday102

Paterson “Y” Golden Agers: celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and a wedding! 1967. Can you help identify the celebrants?


Yiddish Conversation Group, 1989, Paterson “Y” The woman seated on the right is Rose Barr Zofnas. Can you identify these ladies?

Senior officers!   Can someone identify anyone?

Senior officers! Can someone identify anyone?

Helpful Hints:  Whether your photos are hard copies or on your computer, do yourself and your families a favor by labeling the photos.  Names, places and dates are easily forgotten.

October 16, 2015

Our first 5 Photos this week were taken by photographer Harry Gold of Paterson, NJ and were generously made available to the JHSNJ by his son, Herb. Harry was once the vice-president and an executive board member of the Independent Lodzer Young Men’s organization.
2005-02-24 21.42.36.jpg

Unidentified enigmatic woman photographed by Harry Gold – Mysterious caption reads “Manhattan, 249 Market Street, Paterson,NJ. Does anybody know her?

2005-02-27 07.09.24.jpg

“Baby, take a bow” from the Harry Gold collection. Does anybody know her now that she’s all grown up?


2005-02-27 07.08.46.jpg

A happy, unidentified couple photographed by Harry Gold.

2004-11-13 14.12.20.jpg

Again, the unidentified couple, photographed by Harry Gold, now with their daughter, spending a day bathing in the river. Anybody know who or where? Is that a Calvin Klein design that he’s wearing?

2001-02-19 17.56.16.jpg

An immigrant family with their official documentation photographed by Harry Gold.


jeff packard115

Jeff Packard, of Fair Lawn, a nationally known synagogue artist, untying the knots on the trees as a symbolic gesture of “freeing” the trees. 1993 Fair Lawn

October 23, 2015

Times change and centers of activity move with shifting  populations.  So, as we see below, Yavneh Academy gravitated out of Paterson to a new location in Paramus. Also, the dynamic Paterson YM/WHA moved activities to the Schneider building, away from downtown Paterson, and then moved to Wayne.  With hope and much excitement, the Wayne Y became an important center of activity for some of the Paterson Diaspora.
 Yavneh Kindergarten class of 1950-1951, 12th Avenue, Paterson, NJ: First row – L to r: Simon Setzer, ? Henry Hewitt (?), ? Donna Roemer Krieger, Bonnie Baxt(?), Alan Hewitt(?), ? Jay Morganstern, Michael Kaplen; Second row –L to r: David Carmel, ?, Goldie Tannenbaum Storman, ?, Dorothy Maizel, ?, Hershel (Harold) Katz, Lou Mechanic, Mrs.Evelyn Friedel (teacher).
schneider building117

Before the Wayne “Y”, the Paterson “Y” had programming at the Schneider building. Newly nominated and elected officers of the YM-YWHA, Schneider building: L to R: L. Michael Schenker, V.P., Marge Bornstein, V.P., Fred Lafer, 1st V.P., Charles Kessler, President, Jerry Koransky, Treasurer. Not pictured are vice presidents, Dennis Brown, Charles Newman, Harry Robbins, Secretary Joseph Conn, and Mrs. Herman Yucht, recording secretary.

consrtuction Wayne Y116

Beginning of constrution at the Wayne “Y”. Do you know any of this special construction crew?

Local scouts raising the flag at the dedication of the Wayne "Y"., 1976

Local scouts raising the flag at the dedication of the Wayne “Y”., 1976

dignataries at dedication119

Dignitaries at dedication of Wayne “Y”. From L to R: Congressman Robert Roe, Freeholder, James Roe, Attorney, Edward Salzman, Mayor Newton Miller, Charles Kessler, Gerard Berman

Wayne Y in action129

The Wayne “Y” in action –Back row L to R: Sidney Kesurn, Judy Kramer, Molla Reisbaum, Judy Opper. Seated: Katie Friedland, Susan Simon–can you help identify the other lovely ladies?

Wishing you a peaceful Shabbat from the collection of artist, Morris Katz.

Wishing you a peaceful Shabbat from the collection of artist, Morris Katz.

October 30, 2015

The beloved YM/WHA underwent a major expansion in 1951.  Dedication ceremonies welcomed this new addition.  We are looking forward to our November 22nd grand opening ceremony celebrating our new JHSNJ home.  Watch for information as the story of the Paterson Jewish community continues in Fair Lawn.
Remember our "Y"!  This is the construction of the addition in April of 1950.

Remember our “Y”! This is the construction of the addition in April of 1950.

attending dedication Y123

Attending dedication of new addition to “Y” are: from L to R: Louis Simon, Abram Reines, Louis Friedman, Morris Weiner, Joseph Dorfman, Charles Simon, Nathan Harelich, Herman Gold. circa 1952

dedication at Y124

Unveiling of the new plague at the dedication ceremonies. L to R: Edward Salzman, Jacob Moskow, Jack Stern

ceremonies for new wing125

Dedication ceremonies for new wing of the “Y” , May 1951. Standing L to R: Charles Joelson, Abe Cohen, ?, Phil Diamond, ( in front of Phil is unknown ) Jacob Moskow, behind Moskow is Joseph Shulman, front of him is Edward Salzman, behind Salzman is Charles Bromberg, Rabbi Arthur T. Buch, in front of the Rabbi is Jack Stern, standing rear right is George Surosky.

solte dedication126

Dedication in memory of Charles K. Solte by his mother Dina Solte-Webster. On the left is Jacob Moskow, Mrs. Solte-Webster, her grandson Harold Milton Solte and Ed Saltzman

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem