Photo Friday – October 2016

October 7, 2016

Businessmen often discuss their busy season.  Their concern is whether they would do well enough during the busy season to sustain a slow season.  For our clergy, this holiday season is their busy season.  Our Rabbis and Cantors prepare meticulously for this special time of year in the hopes that they will “do well” thereby encouraging their congregants to lead a more sincere and committed lifestyle in the coming year.  

The Jewish Historical of North Jersey wishes you and your loved ones a Hatimah Tovah!  May you be sealed for a good year.


From left: Ravi Nessaran and Rabbi Alexander Linchner. No synagogue is listed.

Temple Emanuel, Passaic.  Leon Gottlieb and Cantor Leiberman

Temple Emanuel, Passaic. Leon Gottlieb and Cantor Leiberman

Rabbi Dr. Leon Katz and Mrs. Katz

Rabbi Dr. Leon Katz and Mrs. Katz


From left: Cantor Posner, ?, Rabbi Reuben Kaufman, David Cole, Max Rosen, ?Slater, Rabbi Opher, Rabbi Raisen


Temple Emanuel Paterson, 1972 honoring Israel’s 25th birthday. From left: Irving Brawer, Cantor David Lefkowitz, Rabbi Martin Freedman, Ted Levine, David Goldberg, Ziedan Atashi, Irving Kwait, Charles Kessler

October 14, 2016

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?(lite)”challenge are as follows: (1)Florence Greenberg; Scepter Records (2) This has been in litigation. Some sources say Beverly Lee but we believe it is Shirley Owens( Austin- Reeves);the Shirelles; (3)“Baby,It’s You!”

Understandably, children may not be too engaged in the spirituality of the High Holidays; however, all their senses are engaged in celebrating the joyous festivals of Succot and Simchat Torah.  Our photos are a variety of pictures of children learning, playing, and enjoying being kids!  Some photos have no names.  Please help if you can.


Candle lighting and Kiddush at the “Y” nursery school. No identification on the photo. Can you help?


Children selecting books. This photo is from the YM/YWHA Nursery School. No names listed.


Jack and Jill Nursery School, October 1953. L-r: Rose Nachimson, Mickey Keller, Mom with Johnie Keller. Can you help identify the others?


Children making chains to decorate the Succah. No names on the photo. YM/YWHA Nursery School.

Naomi Calka and Alida Koors making beautiful music.

Naomi Calka and Alida Koors making beautiful music. Alida on guitar.

October 21, 2016

The Hebrew month of Tishri, observed either in September or October each year, is replete with wonderful celebrations.  We are pensive on the High Holidays and 5 days later we joyously celebrate Succot and Simchat Torah.  We celebrate thanksgiving for the yearly fall harvest in the land of Israel and complete our fall holidays with the meaningful celebration of the completion of our yearly Torah reading cycle which immediately is restarted. We hope you enjoy these photos relating to Succot and to Simchat Torah!


Newly built ark for a Sefer Torah. Who are these gentlemen delivering the new “aron”(ark) and to which synagogue in Fair Lawn?


Temple B’nai Israel, Godwin Avenue, of Paterson. First row on steps on the left is Rabbi Meyer Greenberg, next is Sidney Kaplan. 3rd from right is Nathan Magill, 2nd from right is Bartley Schwartz. Others are unknown and event is unknown. Is it Simchat Torah? Are they moving the Torah scrolls? Help!


Gerard Berman Day School in Oakland. Are they celebrating Simchat Torah or are they moving the Torah scrolls? Came someone help identify the people and the event?


Decorating the Succah at Temple Emanuel of Passaic, 1992. Can someone help identify these hard working volunteers?


Temple Emanuel of Paterson. Cantor David Lefkowitz and Rabbi David Panitz displaying a Torah Scroll. Can someone identify the others on the bimah(dais)?

October 28, 2016

This entire edition of Photo Friday features Wilson(Bill) Kaplen, late of Weehawken, Paterson, Englewood and Tenafly, and whose name graces the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly, N.J., the Kaplen Pavilion at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and the Kaplen Family Senior Residence in River Vale.


Patersonians Bill Kaplen and his first wife, the former Jean Arbus. Photographed by Dorothy E. Heinrichs, Paterson, NJ. Bill is survived by his wife Margaret (Maggie) with whom he formed a remarkable philanthropic team. Their generous donation to the J.C.C. in Tenafly allowed for the renovation and expansion of that facility. The family foundation also donated additional millions to health care, education and many other causes too numerous to list in this limited space. Bill is also survived by his son, Lawrence (Larry), who made these photos and the newspaper clipping available to us.


Kaufman-Harris Post, Paterson, NJ, Jewish War Veterans, Bill Kaplen is the Commander sitting on the far right, Can you help us identify the others?


Retiring Commander Harry Zax handing over the gavel to the new Commander, Bill Kaplen. From a page 13 article in the Morning Call, April 29, 1953 – part 1


Retiring Commander Harry Zax handing over the gavel to the new Commander, Bill Kaplen. From a page 13 article in the Morning Call, April 29, 1953 – part 2


Some of Bill Kaplen’s ‘buds’ in the Army Air Corps who flew a heavy bomber during WWII. The aircraft pictured above appears to be a B-17 Flying Fortress. Note the “Hell’s Angels” painted on the fuselage. This flight crew included Jim Warren, First Pilot; Artie Fillmore, Co-Pilot; Sgt.Howe, Aerial Engineer and Upper Turret Gunner; Sgt. Larken, Waist Gunner & Assistant Aerial Engineer; Sgt. Hagen, Radio Operator & Upper Turret Gunner; Dick Ingham, Navigator; Sgt. Childers, Ball Turret Gunner and Assistant Radio Operator; Sgt. Kennedy, Waist Gunner; Sgt. Netling, Tail Gunner. God bless them one and all.