Photo Friday – October 2017

October 6

This year, Simchat Torah, the celebration of the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings (as well as the beginning of the next cycle), falls on October 11th at sundown in Israel and October 12th at sundown in the rest of the world. Did you know the Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey has an extensive Torah cover collection? Here are a few beautiful examples from our collection – can you help us identify the congregations to which many of them belong?

The above two images are of a Torah cover from Beth Sholom, Clifton, NJ., given in loving memory by the children of Arlene and Joseph Taub.

The above 2 images are of Torah covers from unknown sources. Can you help us identify the congregations?

Torah cover from an unknown source. Can you help us identify the congregation?

Torah cover from an unknown source in memory of Mrs. Ida Rafelson. Can you help us identify the congregation?


The image reads “Torah crown Pearl Margalis in memory of her husband Yitzhak Issac”. The congregation is unknown.


A Simchat Torah celebrant. Image courtesy of the Chabad movement.

October 13

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” challenge are as follows: (1)Marcia Strassman; “Bullet” (2) I played Nurse Cutler in the TV version of M*A*S*H with fellow Passaicite Loretta Szwed/Swit (3) Welcome Back, Kotter. John Travolta (4) Zometa

This week, we’ve decided to focus on some of the Paterson YM-YWHA organizations and clubs that make our community so great! Here are some photos of the Y’s past – do you recognize anyone?


The Paterson Panther Club. Please help us with the ID’s.

The Panthers put on many a show. Two of them appear in the above images. Do you recognize some of these thespians?

Above left are the Spartans! Above right are their ID’s.


Above is the “Y” parents group. The participants and date are unknown. Can you help I.D. them?

The image in the above left is of the “Y” parents’ group. The above right image identifies the individuals pictured.

The above left image is of The Hebrew Boys’ Association. Year unknown, but surnames identified at bottom. The above right image is of The Hebrew Boys Association Reunion. This photo is for the years between 1910-1917. Image dated 9/18/1917.

October 20, 2017

The Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey was honored to host a visit on October 7th for the Barnert Family Reunion. Thirty- five descendants of Nathan and Miriam Barnert from all over the U.S.participated in a bus tour of the historic sites throughout Paterson. The JHSNJ office was their first stop to view the extensive collection of archival materials on Nathan and Miriam Barnert. Nathan Barnert was known as “Paterson’s Greatest and Noblest Benefactor.” Many of Paterson’s renowned institutions were funded and supported by his outstanding generosity and philanthropic efforts. From the Barnert Hospital, Miriam Barnert Hebrew Free School, Hebrew Free Synagogue, Daughters of Miriam Home for the Elderly, Barnert Fund at the Paterson Hebrew Free Loan Association to the Barnert Temple, every Jewish family in Paterson has a connection to the legacy of Nathan and Miriam Barnert.


Barnert family members at Friday evening services at Barnert Temple-Congregation B’nai Jeshurun.


JHSNJ officers and staff with Bonnie Barnert standing in front of portraits of Nathan and Miriam Barnert at our location in Fair Lawn. Front row, L-R: Moe Liss, Marty Feitlowitz, Ina Cohen-Harris, Bonnie Barnert. Back row, L-R: Richard Polton, Allen Zaks, Chuck Oremland, Joy Kurland.


Betty Goldstein standing in front of the Barnert family exhibit at the Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey building.


Margot Barnert DeMuro and her father Nyles Barnert at the Barnert Medical Arts Center, the former Barnert Hospital, on Broadway in Paterson.


The second location of the Barnert Temple building on Derrom Avenue & Broadway in Paterson. It is now the Islamic Center of Passaic County.


The re-dedication of the Nathan Barnert statue in front of the Paterson City Hall. Pictured here are Bill, David, and Ruth Barnert.


Inside the mausoleum of Nathan and Miriam Barnert at Mount Nebo Cemetery, Totowa, NJ.


Barnert family photo at Barnert Avenue, Totowa, NJ. Seated, L-R: Betty Goldstein, Terri Esther (Barnert), Lynn Golan, Billie Golan, Laurie Goldstein, Susan Barnert, Aaron Birnbaum. Standing front, L-R: David Harris, Kitty Kaler, Benny Barnert, Bonnie Barnert, Ruth Barnert, Sunny Barnert, Julie Raskin, Cipora Schwartz, Paula Winick Mayo, Margot Barnert DeMuro, Doug Barnert, Diane Byrne. Standing rear, L-R: Marc Byrne, Matt Barnert, Ruth Jacoby Barnert, Nyles Barnert, David Barnert, Evelyn Manies, Bill Barnert, Cyril Barnert III, Tom Mayo.

October 27, 2017

This Sunday is our much-anticipated Summer Camp Reunion! To celebrate, we’ve selected a few of our many camp photos to show you for out weekly “Photo Friday” feature in order to whet your appetite prior to our reunion. None of the people in our pictures below are identified so please write to us with your I.D.’s. Come and visit our ongoing camp exhibit, here until December 31st!

Camp Veritans, 1950.

Camp Veritans, Haledon, NJ, 1950.

Knights Day Camp, 1960.

Knights Day Camp, 1960.

YM-YWHA Camp. Photo undated.

YM-YWHA Camp. Photo undated.

Camp Crestmere, 1958.

Camp Crestmere, 1958.

Passaic Y Teen Trails campers take a trip to Washington, D.C. Photo undated.

Passaic ‘Y’ Teen Trails campers take a trip to Washington, D.C. Photo undated.

Camp Brae Bank, 1953.

Camp Brae Bank, Kinnelon, NJ, 1953.