Photo Friday – September 2015

September 4, 2015

Labor Day marks the beginning of the academic year.  Health issues of the school year are different from those of the summer time.  It is a good time to acknowledge our medical facilities and their development over the years.  Enjoy these photos of the Barnert and the Beth Israel Hospitals.
Barnert Hospital 1937 077

This photo was taken in 1937-38. Standing on the left is the president of the Barnert Memorial Hospital, Dr. Theodore Bender. Standing on the right is Louis Roth, superintendent of the hospital. Internists standing from left: Maurice Shinefeld, MD, Bernard F. Alpren, MD, Irving R. Hayman, MD,. Seated L to R: Meyer Mackler, MD, Philip Opper, MD This group of 5 were the first group of interns at the hospital all of whom were born and raised in Paterson and continued to practice in Paterson.

Barnert Hospital Drs and nurses 078

Barnert Hospital Doctors and nurses: Dr. Robert Joelson is seated 3rd from left. Who are the other dedicated physicians in this photo?


Barnert Hospital 1951 079

This photo, taken 1951, seems to be a dedication ceremony, perhaps of the Nursing School. Seated in the front from left to right: George Abrash, Nathan Kluger, Jack Stern, Meyer Silber, Edward Konner, Mrs. Shilov, Sam Schwartz, ? Mr. Shilov. 2nd row: Max Rosen, Dr. Andrew Sporer, Mrs. Anna Moskowitz, Leonard Bluestein, ?, ?, Abe Greene, H.B. Kitay, Ernestine Germaine. Top Row standing: David Kwait, Lou Miller, Archie Marcus, ?, ?, Al Slater, Raymond Kramer, ?. Notice the women watching the event from the windows.


Beth Israel hospital080

Beth Israel Hospital, Passaic. Board of Directors??? First row standing: from left: Norman Pickelny, Paul Waters, Joe Gurloff, Bob Singer, Herb Hain, Jeff Moll. Back row from left: Sam Jaffee, Bob Rachesky, Gerald Lipkin, Milt Kleinman, Art Gurtman.


dedication Beth Israel081

Dedication of the Mildred Alexander Waiting Room at the Beth Israel Hospital, Passaic. The family waiting room was dedicated in memory of Mildred Alexander, a hospital volunteer, who was a former teacher and guidance counselor at Passaic High School. Pictured, from left is Dr. Steven Alexander, MD her son, Priscilla Alexander, her daughter, and Milton Kleinman president of the Board of Trustees.

Clifton ambulance082

Clifton Ambulance Corps: The 2 men are unknown. Carol Kramer is standing on the right. A reminder to support your volunteers Ambulance corps!!!


Helpful hints:  Be kind to your valuable documents:  do not staple important documents.  Staples leave holes and rust over time.  Use plastic paper clips, not metal clips.  Preserve your important papers.

September 11, 2015

The answers to our recent “Who Am I”? quiz are as follows:  (1) Albert Schatz and Selman Waksman; (2) streptomycin (3) Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi; “Companions in Zealous Research

We are on the eve of the High Holidays, 5776!  We recall our clergy who taught us and inspired us.  In addition, we remember the choirs that helped to make our services even more meaningful. The JHSNJ wishes you and your families a new year of abundant blessings!
Y holidaychoir083

The “Y” High Holiday Choir. Seated from left: Nathan Friedman, Rabbi Ruben Joseph Hochman, ? Saul Mann, ?. Standing L to R: ? Phil Baum, Ruth Nadel ?,?,?,?,? Can you help identify “unknown” choir members

Temple Emanuel choir085

Temple Emanuel Choir–1952 or 1954. The very prestigious Temple Emanuel choir participated in the High Holiday services as well as during the year on Erev Shabbat. First row: L to R: Judith Weinberg, 9th from left is Grace Wilf and 3rd from right is Rose Klein. 2nd row: Last on the right is accompaniest Doris Montville and 4th from left is Caryl Brickman. Please help identify the other choir members.

Rabbi Raisen of Barnert Temple and Rabbi Reuben Kaufman of Temple Emanuel

Rabbi Raisen of Barnert Temple and Rabbi Reuben Kaufman of Temple Emanuel


wayne temple beginning087

First public service in Wayne, NJ held at the American Legion Hall on Route 23 . This was the beginning of what ultimately became Temple Beth Tikvah. Fall of 1956. L to R: Jerry Nathans, Cantor Israel Goldstein, Rabbi Ron Soloff, Martin Rakitt.

Please help identify these clergymen from Passaic, NJ

Please help identify these clergymen from Passaic, NJ

September 18, 2015

During the High Holiday Season we take time to remember our families!  Each family has created their own special traditions and within these traditions lies our memories of celebrating together with aunts, uncles, cousins.  Enjoy the following photos of some of Paterson families. “Hatimah Tovah” —may you be sealed (inscribed) for a good year…..
First service in Norwood089

Rosh Hashanah c. 1930-31 Photo taken at the Bloom Farm in Norword, NJ ( Tappan Road and Hudson Avenue ) Bloom/Rosen families. 3rd from left: Lenore Deborah Bloom, behind her: Jennie Bloom, ( Lenore’s mother), Next to Lenore in front is Melvin Starr, behind Melvin in hat is Robert Bloom, Lenore’s brother, Grandma Dora Pnonmonsky Bloom, wife of Moses Treszczanski Bloom who is blowing the shofar, behind Moses is Benjamin Harris ( also with a shofar), next to Moses is Lester Rosen, Behind Lester to the right is Grandpa Max (Rogozinsky) Rosen, 2nd from right is Jack Rosen, behind Jack to the right is Louis Rosen, and first from right is Sarah Rebecca Lubelsky Rosen wife of Max.

Goldenberg family090

Goldenberg Family from Paterson! Can someone help identify the members of this family?

Brawer Family091

The Brawer Family! First row on the rug: Ida Brawer and Isaac Brawer. 2nd row seated from left: Jennie Brawer, ( child ), Jennie Kantor, Barney Brawer, Miriam Kantor, Miriam Brawer, Minnie Brawer ( child ) Joseph Brawer, Annette Brawer holding Matilda Brawer. 3rd row standing from left: Arthur Brawer, Abe Brawer, Minnie Brawer ( Smith ), David Brawer, Sarah Kantor ( Leiff ), Louis Brawer, Mary Brawer, Samuel Brawer. 4th row: ?, ?, ?, Shia Immerman

Cohen Family Circle092

Cohen Family Circle 1957: Seated on carpet: Left to right: Jenine Goldiss Katz, foster child of Shirlee and Ira Pike, Ronnie Joy Pike, Noreen Engber, foster child of Pikes, Shirley Goldiss Engber. On couch from left: Irving Cohen, Louis Cohen, Sam Cohen, Ben Cohen. 3rd row standing: Ruth Kalish Cohen, Bert Cohen,Arlene Schoem, Blanche Cohen, ? Schoem, ? Grabow, Irving Grabow, Lee Cohen, David Goldiss, Rose Cohen Goldiss, Sil Baker, Sonny Cohen Baker, Ira Pike, Shirley Baker Pike, Sylvia Cohen. Standing in rear: L to R: Stewart Cohen, Robert Katz, Sheldon Baker, Arnold Cohen

cohen Geisler family093

From left: ?, Abby Spindel being held by Anna Geisler Lichtenstein, Meyer Cohen, Blanche Wolf Spindel, Nathan Geisler. The woman in the back is unknown.

September 25, 2015

Thanks to Herb Gold for sharing his wonderful photos of life in Paterson.  Herb’s family came from Lodz, Poland in 1904.  The family lived in an apartment complex on Park Avenue until the late 1960’s. 



1947 AZA CHAPTER #133 N.J. STATE SOFTBALL CHAMPS DINNER DANCE AT the MEADOWBROOK; kneeling L to r: Al Gallen, Gene Cohen, ?, ?. 1st row L to r: ?, ?, ?, Myna Rosenthal, Marna Greene, ?, Paula Herman,?, ?, ?, Judy Shulman, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?2nd row L to r: Murray Citron, Herb Gold, Bert Amel, Bob Brown, ?, ?, Alan Cohn, ?, Bob Newman, ?, Pete Rowe, ?, ?,Can you help us identify the others?



1948 EASTSIDE HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PROM L to r – Myrna Rosenthal, Al Gallen, Paula Herman, Alan Cohn, Norma Klein, Herb Gold, Anita Weinstein, Gene Licker, ?, Gene Cohen.



Inline image 3

1953:  Elaine Gold,  Jack Harris, Lucille Harris, Herb Gold, at the Copacabana Club in NYC


1970s Ladies Aux Board Barnett Hospital A.jpg

1970s Ladies Aux Board Barnert Hospital; seated: ?, ?, ?, Rebecca Gold. Standing ?, ?, Lucille Harris Bober, Herman Yucht, ?, ?.

1945 Harry and Rebecca Gold 65 Park Ave Paterson.jpg

1945—Harry and Rebecca Gold who lived on Park Avenue, Paterson.   Proud parents of Herb and Lucille!