Photo Friday – September 2016

September 2, 2016

Today, when we think of Labor Day, we think of picnics and the beginning of the academic year.  In reality, it was meant to be a yearly tribute to the contribution workers have made.  The first ordinance to recognize such an observance was in 1885.  There has been a controversy over who actually founded this observance.  The popular opinion was that Peter McGuire, co-founder of the AFL was the originator of Labor Day.  However, many believe that it was Matthew McGuire, a machinist from PATERSON, NJ.  When we think of Labor Day, we think of “Back To School”. We hope you enjoy the photos of former Paterson businesses and of our educational endeavors.


Located on West Broadway in Paterson, Nathans Picture Framing. on the left is Theodore Nathans; on the right is Frank Krumpholz


M. Goldberg, plumbing supplies was located on River Street. Can someone identify the couple in the photo?

1950's  Ellen Kot and Eleana Fotenis---last days of summer?

1950’s Ellen Kot and Eleana Fotenis—last days of summer?


Yavneh Cornerstone laying on June 23, 1954, Paterson. From left is Aaron Staretz, Esther Staretz, Claire Staretz.


Educators preparing lessons: From left: Miriam Freda, Lincoln Middle School, Jose Tirado, Passaic High School, Margaret Sferrazza, Lincoln Middle School

September 9, 2016

The answers to our recent “Who Am I?” quiz are as follows: 1) Cecil B.deMille; a megaphone (2) Agnes deMille; she choreographed the stage and screen versions of  “Oklahoma” (3) “The Squaw Man”; Dustin Farnum (4) The Lux Radio Theatre (5) “Sunset Boulevard” (6) We died on the same day!

Several years ago, on a visit to our partner community in Israel, Nahariya, I visited several of the schools.  At the conclusion of a pre-Shabbat program at one of the schools, the principal dismissed the children by saying to them,”Return to class to enjoy learning”!  Yes, as part of our tradition, learning is essential whether it is formal classroom learning, adult learning, or recreational learning.  May you also continue to enjoy learning!!!!

Education is Wealth

Education is Wealth

Wisdom for the ages – “Education is Wealth” – true in 1908 and true today……..


Boy Scouts receiving awards for their achievements. Belle Krass is standing behind the boys. Can you identify the others?

Guy Rasis and Chezk Buchen showing off their puppets made in a craft class.

Guy Rasis and Chezk Buchen showing off their puppets made in a craft class.


From left: Marylin Lebovacz (?), Ruth Stern, Marcia Raffer, Donna Weinberg-Dabal, Caryn Robbins, Rita Rowe, Carol Berger. Women’s Bat Mitzvah??


Children learning about the shofar. There is no identification on this photo! No names and no place are indicated. Can you help?


Confirmation Class at the Clifton Jewish Center, May 1969. These young ladies completed their elementary Jewish learning. Seated from the left; Lynn Marantz, Frances Gurtman, Joyce Greenwald, Aline Eber, Lisa Klein, Lynn Gochman, Lynda Raphael, Andrea Cohen. Standing from left are: Michelle Schwartz, Susan Dubnoff, Doretta Halpern, Shelly Pitel, Linda Zislin, Robin Dreifuss, Ilene Peligal, Melanie Wasser.

September 16, 2016

School is now in session!  The warm sunny days of summer have now passed!  Daylight hours are already shorter. Time for sweatshirts and jackets. And time for flu shots!!  We remember the physicians and hospital board of years ago.  We remember a different medical profession as well as a different medical environment.  We show our gratitude to the doctors of the past who paved the way for innovation but whose “bedside” manner has remained a wonderful memory.


Barnert Hospital Dinner: Seated from left: Dr. Ben Hurwitz, Florence Hurwitz, Dr. Norbert Beim, Gloria Beim. Standing from left: Alice Anastos, Dr. Solomon Geld, Marion Geld, Dr. Arthur Lawrence, Evelyn Lawrence, Dr. Maurice Sheinfeld, Jean Sheinfeld.


Barnert Hospital Board of Trustees. c. 1958 From left: Minnie Doblin, Lillian Schwartz, Agusta Kluger, Rae Joelson.


Barnert Hospital Physicians’ Dinner. Seated from the left: Dr. David Doktor, ? Dr. Sidney Gelman, ?. Standing from left: ?, Dr. Arnold Schleiffer, Anna Schleiffer, Dr. Irving Schnee, Mrs. Rutkowski, Dr. Lee Rutkowski


Barnert Hospital Event: There is no indication of the event. There are no names nor date. Can you help?

From left:  Dr. Moses (Moe) Sucott and Dr. Sandor Levinsohn

From left: Dr. Moses (Moe) Sucott and Dr. Sandor Levinsohn

September 23, 2016

We are now almost at the end of the Jewish month of Elul! Elul is the month during which we begin to ready ourselves for the High Holy Days.  On the practical level this is the time for some of us to begin to prepare for the holiday dinners.  Who will be at our tables?  What will we serve?  It is now time to begin to bake, shop, and prepare. On the spiritual level, this is the time when we think about the past year.  We are thankful for the good things we enjoyed.  We now think back to our past behavior.  Could we have been kinder? Could we have watched our speech with greater sensitivity? Could we have been more charitable?  The following photos are reminiscent of different charitable organizations which were a significant part of the life of Passaic and Bergen County communities.


Veritans Boat ride: The photo has no names nor a date. Seated at the far right is Saul Mann.


Shalom Neighbor, Community Coordinators. Seated from left: Sydelle Diamond, Joan Fromm, Harriet Kenigsberg, Elmwood Park, May Richmond, Pompton Lakes. Standing from left: Stefanie Levin, Franklin Lakes, Susan Binder, Wyckoff, Ellen Silverman, Wayne, Claire Axelrod, Lakeland Hills, Roz Goodman, Fair Lawn, Vicki Vladimir, Smoke Rise-Kinnelon Area


UJA dinner honoring Mr. Kessler, 1982. Seated from left: Ruth Cole, ?,?, Judy Opper, Mel Opper. Standing from left: Lenny Cole, Alvin Reisbaum, Molla Reisbaum, ?,?


UJA Appeal: No date or other information on the photo. from left: Ben Kluger, William Bernstein, Sol Klass, Leopold Frankel, ?, Irving Rubin, Alvin Goldstein, Herman Yucht, Joe Rubin, ?,?


Beth Israel Hospital, Passaic, 1994 (?) From left: Carole Kramer, Jeffrey Molk, Milton Kleinman, Leslie Aufzien. They seem to be gazing happily at a donation.

September 30, 2016

The Board of Directors and the volunteers of the Jewish Historical of North Jersey wish you and your families a new year of good health and abundant blessings!   Shanah Tovah!

When we think about the High Holidays, many of us immediately think about synagogue attendance!  Whether we are regular “shul” goers or not, the High Holidays is a time when we all try to attend services.  We all cherish the memories of the High Holidays at our “home” synagogues where throngs of people, immaculately attired, would crowd the sanctuaries.  Of course, the outside of the synagogues were also crowded with those who would socialize on the steps of their temples because that too became a significant tradition.  We hope you enjoy these photos of life at some of our local synagogues.


Community Synagogue, Hebrew Free School. From left: Rabbi Harry Bornstein, ?, Sarah Poritz, Bea Abrams, ? Sy Zaks. Standing from left: Cantor Moses Brock, Robert Orbach, David ” Bunny” Osur, Ron Sherman, ?,?


Temple B’nai Jeshuran, Barnert Temple. There is no information about this wonderful photo. Can you help?


Tiferet Israel, Passaic, NJ Standing from left: Moses Weisel, ?Feitlowitz, Joseph Teich, Joseph Salomon, Julius Cinnamon, ? Sprechman, David Kaplan, ?, Hyman Birman, Harry Ramer. Seated from left: ?Waldman, Charles Rosenzweig, Saul Adler, Herman Morser, Max Streit, ?


Temple Emanuel of Paterson, Glee Club, 1931! Seated from left: ?, Dr. Levenson, ?, ?, Cantor Martin Adolf, ?, Saul Robinson, Louis Kessler, Sam Baker. Standing, 3rd from left; Dr. Ament remainder of top row is unknown. Can you help?