Photo Friday – October 2013

jhsnj_logo_800October 4, 2013

To commemorate our one-year anniversary of Photo Friday, we cordially invite you to take an inside look into our volunteers’ personal photograph albums. Please enjoy our special Photo Friday extravaganza! If you missed any of our past Photo Fridays, click on the following link and it will bring you all previous installments of our popular weekly feature. Enjoy!

2013_10_04_01Miriam Kraemer Gray

Top: AZA event, 1947. L-R: Unidentified, Ira Morris, unidentified, Perry Scherz, and Joel Kraemer.

Bottom: Joel Kraemer and sister, and our “one and only” Miriam, sitting on the pedestal in front of City Hall, Paterson, N.J., 1946.

2013_10_04_02Left: Miriam and brother Joel in front of their home at 480 East 31st Street, Paterson, N.J., 1945.

Right: Joel and Miriam standing in the backyard of their 31st Street home on the day of Joel’s bar mitzvah!

2013_10_04_03Anne Friedman Meyers

 Left: Anne makes her big splash as a toddler. Sitting on a memorial bench at Barbour Park,  ca. 1945.

Center: Posing with her mother Fyge, father Lou, and brother Robert on their way to Aunt Rose and Uncle Henry Gutin’s wedding, 1948.

Right: Wearing a fun hat in her stroller near the corner of Hamilton and Graham Avenues on a glorious day in 1946!

2013_10_04_05Lou Mechanic

 Left: At age three.

Right: Five-year-old Lou in his cowboy outfit standing in front of his father and grandfather on the Garret Mountain lookout in Paterson, N.J.

2013_10_04_06Dorothy Douma Greene

 Left: Ruffians who lived on East 25th Street, Paterson, N.J., in their swim trunks showing off their bulging muscles in 1956. L-R: Dorothy, brother Charles, and neighbor Louis Finamore.

Right: Dorothy rides her “trikey” to glory.


Arnold and Ellen Meyerstein Cohen

 Our married volunteers long before they were married.

Left: Arnold, ca. 1940.

Right: Ellen with her best “come hither” look, ca. 1945.

2013_10_04_08Bonus Photo No. 1: Dorothy Douma Greene dressed to the nines for her first day of school, ever! She is posing in front of her deluxe TV console. Grandpa Meyer Rosen is in the photo behind her smiling with approval. During his heyday he prepared young men for their bar mitzvahs.

2013_10_04_09Bonus Photo No. 2: Friends and family picnicking, ca. 1939. Back row, L-R: Herman Adrian, Abe Farberman, Charlotte (Geist) Farberman, Bertha (Siegel) Nathans, and Teddy Nathans. Front row, L-R: Jerry Nathans, Aaron Adrian, Annette Farberman, and Renee Adrian.

October 11, 2013

Four men at the Rosen Silk Mill, Spruce Street, Paterson, N.J.

2013_10_11_02“Down the aisle”: Walking the walk on his wedding day, Irving Tribucher is being held up by his father Harry and mother Jennie, who has her big handkerchief at the ready.

2013_10_11_03This mystery photo, from our collection of images of Temple Emanuel in Passaic, appears to be an Orthodox wedding. The date is unknown. Who are these “frummies“?

2013_10_11_04Marcia Kent and mother Sylvia Firschein (former librarian at the Wayne Y who in 1979 organized the oral history program that led to the founding of the JHSNJ) co-chair the Yom-Ha’Atzmaut – Yom Yerushalayim celebration (Israel Independence Day – Jerusalem Day), preparing falafel and pita, 1992.

2013_10_11_05Bonus Picture No. 1: A Veritans group, date unknown. Standing, L-R:  Unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Phyllis Smith Block, Marty Krugman, Archie Block, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, and unidentified.

2013_10_11_06Bonus Picture No. 2: Downtown Merchant’s Dinner, Alexander Hamilton Hotel, Paterson, N.J., April 27, 1965. The sponsors of the dinner were Milton Makowsky, Raymond Behrman, Harry Bodner, Seymour Greenberg, and Nat Raskin; also present were Charles Bromberg, Gerrard Berman, and guest speaker William Korey.

October 18, 2013

Joe Zimel, Milton Bromberg, and Lou Duva choosing up sides for their stickball game.

2013_10_18_02Marshall Street, Paterson N.J., looking north towards Fould’s Garage, February 17, 1937. Notice the pedestrians caught in a moment of time for us to see 76 years later.

2013_10_18_03This photo is from our Paterson Y beefcake collection. Tom Davatalis (L) being congratulated by Ben Schulman for winning the Class C Senior Handball Tournament.

2013_10_18_04Jacob Friedman (great-grandfather of Ina Cohen Harris) posing in front of Elfman’s Dry Goods at Harrison Carroll Streets, Paterson, N.J., ca. 1941.

2013_10_18_05Campaign leaders launching the General Solicitation Campaign at the Paterson YM-YWHA, April 23, 1972. Sitting, L-R: Stanley Berenzweig, William Dressler, and Harry Salton. Standing, L-R: Sam Corn, Abe Berlinsky, Max Diamond, and Herman Goldberg.

2013_10_18_06Bonus Photo No. 1: Meyer Paris owned a linoleum store in downtown Paterson and was also the director of the Yiddish Theater. He is the father of Herman Paris, the photographer who took this portrait, and Len Paris.

Bonus Photo No. 2: Poster for a Yiddish Theater performance of Harry Kalmanowitch’s All in a Lifetime.

October 25, 2013

2013_10_25_01Three unidentified men in the cab of an S. Federbush truck poised on a rain-slicked street at 42 Broadway, Paterson, N.J. Who wouldn’t want to see the furnishings in the back of that truck for a peek into the past?

2013_10_25_02Eastside High School class reunion. Bookending the back row are Claire Schlomowitz and George Isaacs. Seated on the far right is Reeva Isaacs. Reeva and Jerry Nathans conducted the first oral interviews for the Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey. By chance, does anyone know the year of this class or the this reunion?

2013_10_25_03This looks like the late 1960s. Everything is frozen in time on this typical “hustle and bustle” day looking east from Main Street on Broadway, downtown Paterson, N.J. Even the man who is running towards us on the right is frozen in time.

2013_10_25_04Ambulance at main entrance of original Barnert Memorial Hospital, Paterson, N.J., ca. 1920. What is that big shiny frying pan-type object hanging over the side?

Bonus Photo No. 1: Baby Arlene Weiss being held by “Nurse Charlotte,” Barnert Memorial Hospital, 1938. Typically, at that time, Arlene’s mother would have spent nine or ten days in the hospital giving birth. Today moms are practically out-patients.

2013_10_25_06Bonus Photo No. 2: Samuel Klugherz, photographer in Paterson. Klugherz’s descendants were the owners of Rosen Silk Mill.