Photo Friday – December 2013

December 6, 2013

2013_12_06_01Phillip Simon, October 1, 1930. Note the profile of the woman standing in the background at the far right. She looks like she is from the 1960s, and appears to be an apparition floating in this time warp photograph. Eerie things are happening at the JHSNJ!

2013_12_06_02Wayne Division UJA planning meeting at the home of Arthur Appleman, April 23, 1969. Seated, L-R: Gerald Wolf, Arthur Appleman, and Gerald Becker. Standing, L-R: Edward Hayton, Fred Lafer, and Howard Simowitz.

2013_12_06_03Paterson Y Camp Vacation, summer 1950. Front row, L-R: Jonas Rosenberg and Kenny Horowitz. Three kids on the left, L-R: Arnold Okin, Ruth Freemen, and Debbie Minoff. Next row, L-R: Unidentified (counselor), Bobby Nussman (with striped shirt), Howard Bromberg, Len Weintrob, Howard Zeiderman, and Stewart Finkelstein. Two kids behind them, in front of second counselor, L-R: Skippy Kronberg and Fern Miller (with the pigtails). All others are unidentified.

2013_12_06_04Paterson Y Senior Friendly Group Luncheon, June 9, 1961. Please help us identify everyone.

2013_12_06_05Bonus Photo No. 1: Confirmation class, Temple Emanuel, Paterson, N.J., Shavuot 1953. Seated, L-R: Arlene Weiss (Glassman), Miriam Wadjengart, Ronnie Greene, and Linda Dworetz. Back row, L-R: Susan Larsen, Janice Bornstein, and Janet Abramowiz.

2013_12_06_06Bonus Photo No. 2: On the left, Renee and Michael Greene are embraced by TV’s “Merry Mailman” himself, Ray Heatherton, Palisades Amusement Park, mid-1950s. On the right, Michael and Renee stand in front of their car as their mother Esther Greene looks on. Brooks Storage Warehouse, 192 Governor Street, Paterson, N.J., is in the background.

December 13, 2013

Belle Krass, director of activities at the Paterson Y, October 1945. Belle replaced another Belle, Belle Bernstein, in that job. Belle Bernstein’s photo appears below.

2013_12_13_02GPJYC on their way to Atlantic City, Paterson, N.J., May 1964. Seated, L-R: Deena Haft, Natalie Sandow, Ruth Bernstein, Amy Doktor, and Alice Abrams. Standing, L-R: Sandy Kirsch, Bob Taube, Diane Feitlowitz, Bill Grenker, Beverly Grenker, Sharyn Weinstein, Al Frankel, and Mike Wollner. Their advisor Moe Liss poses on the pavement. Morrison Machine Company, located at 1225 Madison Avenue, is in the background.

Pellett Bros. pharmacy, 159 Main Street, Paterson, N.J.

2013_12_13_04At the head of the table is Willie Singer. To his left is Belle Bernstein and to his right is Mort Rittenberg. We do not know where or when!

Bonus Photo No. 1: Who are the two babies and two nurses at Barnert Memorial Hospital, Paterson, N.J., ca. 1930?

2013_12_13_06Bonus Photo No. 2: UJA ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Wayne Y. L-R: Unidentified, unidentified, Judge Herb Susser, Harry Reiman, Gerrard Berman, unidentified, and unidentified.

December 20, 2013


Identical Paterson twins, Beverly and Eunice Greenberg, ca. 1942. In 1946 they married identical twins Leonard and Irving Klotz of New York in a double ceremony at Temple Emanuel in Paterson. It made the front page of the Paterson newspapers.

2013_12_20_02_smallSilver Link Rebekah Lodge, Passaic, N.J. Standing, L-R: Mrs. Greenberg, Celia Heskins, Faye Weisselberg, Florence Molk, Mae Dornstrich, Rae Dubnoff, Pauline Piekarsky, Rose Elichman, Minnie Gold, Ida Dubnoff, Esther Morser, and Jeanette Rasin. Seated, L-R: Sadie Feibelman, Augusta Steinberg, Violet Cohan, Edna Cohen, Reba Heyman, Mollie Goldberg, and unidentified.

2013_12_20_03Irving Brawer takes a stroll.


The Bornstein family, ca. 1916, after they emigrated from Lodz to Paterson, N.J., where they eventually lived on East 34th Street. L-R: Sam Bornstein, Frimit Bornstein, “tall” Max Bornstein, “sailor” Jack Bornstein, Hyman Bornstein, Ben Bornstein, and Rose Bornstein. Max is the father of Frimith and Selma Bornstein (Gordon).


Charlotte and Abe Farberman’s 40th wedding anniversary, November 1959. Standing, L-R: Nathan Broz, Abe Farberman, Abe Chipkin, and Theodore Nathans. Seated, L-R: Freida Broz, Charlotte (Geist) Farberman, Rose Chipkin, and Bertha (Siegel) Nathans.

2013_12_20_06Bonus Photo No. 1: Meeting of Wyckoff Division UJA, 1972. L-R: William Perlberg and Bob Yudin. Their booklet says, “He who saves a single life, it is as though he has saved the entire world.” Bob Yudin is the proprietor of Yudin’s Appliances in Wyckoff, N.J.

2013_12_20_07Bonus Photo No. 2: Friends gathered at Stokes State Forest, August 1950. Front row, far right, is Vivian “Eve” Siegal Caplan. Second row, third from left, is Ida Geisler Cohen. Blanche Wolf Rich is also somewhere in the photo . . . can anyone point her out to us?