Photo Friday – April 2013

Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey’s Photo Friday – April 2013

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April 5

Boy Scout Murray Greenberg (Greene) sporting his big smile ......February 1936

Boy Scout Murray Greenberg (Greene) sporting his big smile ……February 1936


Preakness Hills Country Club, June 2, 1959…..?., ?., Mr. and Mrs. Irving Brawer, ?., ?., ?. and ?.


Community Victory Ches…..October 24, 1945…..seated l-r: ?., ?., ?., Jack Stern and ?……Standing l-r:  ?., ?., Saul Mann, ?., ?., ?., ?., ?., ?., Dr. Sol Geld, ?. and Irwin Dresner


Board Institute at Englewood, 1954.  Belle Krass, far left, is the only celebrant identified in this photo!


Seems to be a group of Doctors mugging for the camera….November 19, 1953…..front row l-r: ?., ?., Dr. Sanford Levinson, Dr. Morris Joelson and ?……all others are unidentified!

MurrayGreene babyinthebuff 008-001

BONUS BABY:  Master Murray Greenberg (Greene) makes his big happy debut in Paterson!   Fourteen years later he continues to smile as the Boy Scout seen in the first photo above.     1922 – 2004

April 12


Camp Veritans in the late 60’s with counselor Alan Davis supervising a group of swimmers who are all unidentified!

YParentsGroup1954 026

“Y” Parents group show…..seated l-r:  Dora Mendelsohn, Essie Beck, Esther Beck Agen, Hattie Feit, Ethel Reiner, Bea “Bibi” Newman and Belle Orbach…..Top Row l-r:  Lillian Berman, Mary Llipschitz, Regina Simons, Mary Alson, Lil Apfel, Helene Donow, Bessie Fox, Lillian Schneider, Betsy  De Rooy, Ada Beucher, Doris Montville, Kay Berger, Barbara Bloom Martin and Fannie Chessin.


Memories of Billy Rose’s Diamond Horseshoe at the Paramount Hotel, New York…..l-r:  Marge and Julian Bornstein and Mr. and Mrs. Sherbow… unknown.


Junior Varsity “Y” Paterson Basketball Team…..March 1943…..Row one, no one is identified……Row two standing l-r:  Mort Rittemberg, Stuart Coven (?), ?., ?., Murray Greene, and Norman Koch.

Richard Chesnoff and Nancy Zakim.....Barnert Temple 1952

Richard Chesnoff and Nancy Zakim…..Barnert Temple 1952

Ben Gurion and Richard Chesnoff.....1955

Ben Gurion and Richard Chesnoff…..1955

April 19


The Old timers are lined up at the “Y”…..Back row l-r:  Gerrard Berman, Joe Zimel,  Mr. Rosensweet and ?…..First row l-r:  ?., ?., Willie Singer and Morris Merker.


The Valley View Hospital gets a donated piano from the Kaufman-Harris Women’s auxiliary…..sitting in a dark dress and flanked by two nurses is Shirlee Baker Pike and her mother,  Sarah (sonny) Baker is standing third from the right also in a dark dress.


Brownie International Program, February 25, 1957 in Mexico…..seated l-r: ?., Sandy Geneslaw, Jean Schell, ?., ?., Judy Sandow, ?., and ?…..Standing l-r:  Cheryl Rosenfelt, Cheryl’s sister, Phyllis Plotkin ?., ?., ?., ?. and Norma Kahn.


1938 ” Membership and Re-Enrollment Campaign” .  We are not sure for what organization.  Seated in first row l-r:  ?., ?., ?., Abe Greene, Jack Stern ?. and Jack Diamond.  Standing on the far left under the sign is David Greenberg.  All others are unknown. Can you help?


bonus photo #1:  The Kaufman-Harris Women’s auxiliary presents disabled veteran Sam Mason with a check.  Standing l-r:  Mrs. Mollie Arbert, Mrs Ida Peltz and Mrs Ida Laibow…..England General Hospital, Atlantic City ca. 1950.


BONUS PHOTO #2:  Alouette Glee C lub, 1923 – 1927, Passaic…..Back Row second from right:  Robert Komins

April 26

This Camp Veritans photo is undated and the only one we can identify is Marty Krugman on the far right…..please help!


Council of Jewish Women Table at “Y” Seniors 10th Anniversary…second from left is Florence Friedenrich….all others are unidentified!


Leonard Zax opens wide for his big chance at a bite of an apple at this 1960 Halloween party. Mark Abo already achieved his goal on the far right.  These cubs are from pack 65 at the “Y” on Van Houten Street, Paterson, N.J. The donuts are from “Marty G.” Hackensack Avenue at Main Street, River Edge, N.J.


For whom are they carrying the torch?  l-r:  ?., ?., Howard Cohen, torch carrier (?), ?. ?., and?……from the “Y” or North Jersey.


Camp Veritans August 1958: Seated: Jackie Kolin, Beverly Schaffer, Barabara Hirshberg, Diana Terris, Gayle Schiff, Lila Waldman. Standing: ?, Vicki Cooper, ?, ? Counselors: Beth Anne Wiener, Debbie Tauben, Eda Rosen