Photo Friday – February 2013

February 1, 2013


Eastside High School Senior Prom, June, 1966.
Seated: Karen Barr, Richard Polton, Jackie Kolin, Steven Brawer
Standing: Peter Kornbluth, Meryl Lipton, Elizabeth Zarchin, John Lawrence, Deena Haft, ?
Eastside High School Senior Prom, June, 1966.
Seated: Karen Barr, Richard Polton, Jackie Kolin, Steven Brawer
Standing: Peter Kornbluth, Meryl Lipton, Elizabeth Zarchin, John Lawrence, Deena Haft, ?


Jack Stern and ? posing in front of Barnert Hospital Board of Directors plaque, 1951


Fair Lawn Chanukah Event…..year unknown….seated l-r:  ?., ?., ?., Elsie Kurlantzick, Rose Buchweitz, and Mrs. Sprechman.  Standing l-r:   ?., ?., ?., Ann Kurlantzick, Mr. Newman, Rabbi Glustrom and ?


“Y” Choppers 1964-65 Federation Bowling Champs…..l-r:  N. Sarver, Leo Davis, Don Weinberg, Dave Seigal, Jake Lazer, H. Dickerman and S. Rosenbloom

The old "Y" Cafeteria, date unknown.  Front and Center...Meyer Music

BONUS PHOTO #1….Date unknown….The old “Y” Cafeteria, date unknown.  Front and Center…Meyer Music


SPECIAL BONUS PHOTO #2:  Hizzoner the Late Great Mayor Ed Koch Z”L visiting a Passaic Clifton UJA event 1997-98…Identity of woman and man unknown.

February 8 – Rallying Cries


‘KEEP THE PROMISE”……Women’s Division UJA Workshop November 20,  ??,  l-r:  Mrs. Sadie Jaffe, Mrs. Stanley Berenzweig, Mrs. Murray Sinofsky, Mrs. Michael Levy, Mrs. Daniel Freifeld, Mrs. George Haar and Mrs. Egon Fromm.


“DON”T STOP….ISRAEL EMERGENCY FUND”….Wayne UJA Women’s Division, March 29, 1974…l-r:  Mrs. Judy Hack, Mrs. Arlene Goodman, Mrs. Estelle Siegal, Mrs. Rani Garfinkle and Mrs. Joyce Silverstein.


“BE YOUR BROTHER’S KEEPER”… Special Gifts Planning Committee….date unknown….seated l-r:  Morris Scult, Abe Berliner and Herbert Turndorf….Standing l-r:  Jerry Koransky, Stanley Berenzweig, Mitchell Zalon and Gerrard Berman.  Not present: Bernard Albert


“WE ARE ONE”….Jewish Federation of No. Jersey Event… date unknown…..l-r:  ?., Stanley Komito, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, ?., and ?.


BONUS PHOTO #1;  ‘WE ARE ONE”…JEWISH FEDERATION OF NORTH JERSEY…date unknown…..?., ?., Lew Sprechman, ?.,Shirley Lens, Speaker ?., Rabbi Martin Freeman and Marge Bornstein.


BONUS Photo #2: Camp Veritans August 1957….. Sitting on ground in first row: l-r:  Alan Olaf, Lou Rosen, Peter Grunfest, Steve Melnaus and Lou Plocker…..sitting in second row l-r:  Phil Brooks, ?., ?., ?., Bob Davis and Michael Wollner……Standing l-r:  counselors Jack or Jerry Roth and Barney Chessin.

February 15


Members of the Clifton/Passaic Board of Rabbis participating in a conference on care of the elderly at the Daughters of Miriam Center, January 1983.  Standin l-r: Rabbi Chaim Wasserman, Rabbi Joseph Herman, Rabbi Ira Kronenberg and Harvey Adelsberg, Executive Vice President, Daughters of Miriam. Seated, l-r: Rabbi Kenneth Poplack, Rabbi Dr. Leon Katz, and Rabbi Dr. Eugene Markovtiz.


YMHA Music Club Awards, February 20, 1965…..l-r:  Judge Herb Susser, ?., Jack Okin, Marty Krugman and Saul Mann


YMHA Wayne Gift Shop…date unknown…..l-r:  Jerry Okin, Charles Kessler, Ida Rothberg Harelick Freidman, Mary Rothberg Cohen Osser and Helene Aronoff


Scouterama May 5, 1957….Invited guests are lined up…..l-r:  ?., Dora Goodbody, ?., Sol Levin, ?., ?., ?., ?. and Harold Gelman (?)

YMHA Paterson building, Broadway..."WHAT WE HAVE DONE"..... Identities unknown.

YMHA Paterson building, Broadway…”WHAT WE HAVE DONE”….. Identities unknown.

YMHA Lounge.....Van Houten Ave, Paterson.....Date unknown.

YMHA Lounge…..Van Houten Ave, Paterson…..Date unknown.

February 22 – Purim

Purim Festival TEM 1932

Purim Festival Paterson TEMPLE EMANUEL 1932….First row, seated on floor, second from left is Rhoda Segal Leinoff and also seated on floor and second.

Purim 1994 at the YMHA, Wayne N.J........all are unidentified, please help!

Purim 1994 at the YMHA, Wayne N.J……..all are unidentified, please help!


Purim ….date unknown, YMHA Wayne, N.J…… Standing l-r:  Donna Cole,  ?., ?., Mark Shore, Sheila Hellman  and ?.,…..all others are unidentified, please help!


Purim, date unknown at  the Paterson YMHA……all are unidentified,  please help!


Purim at the Paterson YMHA, 1958.  Girl Scout Troop #171 Booth….Ruth Schneider with the bow and pony tail in center….all others are unidentified, please help!