Photo Friday – May 2013

Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey’s Photo Friday – April 2013

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May 3


State of Israel Bonds dinner, date and location unknown…..l-r:  Rabbi Offer, ?., Judge Irving Rubin, Al Slater, Mayor Michael De Vita, David Greenberg, ?., Nat Kluger, ?., ?., and ?…..  Michael De Vita was Mayor of Paterson from 1947 – 1951 which would date this photo in that time frame (exactly right for the early days of Israel).  Notice the WPAT microphone…..Sitting at the table on the far right is Mrs. David Greenberg (Daisy).


Dvorah Orbach with her arms around her charges…..all the youngsters are unidentified……date unknown. Most likely at Camp Veritans.


Four unidentified women in the Schneider Bldg. having a book review on CHOOSE LIFE, by Dr. Rabbi Bernard Mandelbaum.  The book is quotations from clergymen, scholars and laymen intended to apply the wisdom of religious and secular writing on ethical and moral decisions… unknown.


William and Lillian (?) Shapiro are standing to the immediate right of Rabbi Leon Katz (with bow tie) of Passaic.  All others in the photo are unknown including the date,  the event and the building in the frame.


MYSTERY BONUS PHOTO #1:  We think their last name is Mazin.  They are from the area.  They sure look interesting but we would like to know more about them.  Please help!


MYSTERY BONUS PHOTO #2: This photo was taken at the 28th Annual convention of the N.J. Federation on November 12, 1939.  All are unidentified but they also look very interesting.  Please help!

May 10


This production depicting the American Red Cross, Eternal Mother and Madam Curie  Laboratory is most likely celebrating great women in history.  Photo taken at the “Y” Little Theater auditorium on Van Houten Street, Paterson…..Date is most likely in the late 1920’s or early 30’s.  The identity of the actresses is unknown.  All mothers are great women.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY !!!


Golda Meir shaking hands with Moshe Sharett following the signing of Israel’s Declaration of Independence in the Tel Aviv Museum, May 14, 1948.  David Ben-Gurion, the fledgeling state’s first prime minister, is seated to the right.  WZPS photo


First anniversary of Israel celebration at the ” Y”, May 15, 1949…..First row seated:  l-r:  Rabbi Kaufman, Judge Irving Rubin., Senator Gordon Canfield, ?.,  Rabbi Opher ?. and Rabbi Arthur T. Buch…..Second row standing: l-r: ?., ?., Cantor Adolf, Charlie Bromberg, ?., ?.,  Albert Slater and ?.

image (2)

Confirmation Service – Shavous – 5719 or June  11, 1959…..l-r:  Jane Levin, Steven Jonathan Matthews, Jane Robinson, Joanna Zweig, Rabbi Martin Freedman, Jo Anne Schwartz, Sidney Sue Rosenthal, John Kulick and Carole Hoffman.


BONUS PHOTO #1;  These teen sweethearts are enjoying a beautiful day at the Paterson Great Falls which is now a National Park.  They are Wayne Herman and Shelly Mayer.  The date is unknown.


BONUS PHOTO #2:  “Y” Swim Team Mermaids ……January 14, 1970.   We have  no names to go with all those smiles!

May 17

TenthAvCitizensleague 081

Tenth Avenue Men’s Bowling  League Dinner 1968 held at Mario’s in Paramus…..Seated l-r:  Joe Unger, Ike Abrams, Angelo Denice, Ben Gelade, Tommy Aiosa, ?., Sam Gelade, ?. and Izzy Cohen…..Second row l-r:  Lou Gilbert, Harry Goldenberg, ?., ?., Nate Gelade, Sammy Cohen, Irv Friedman, Dave Marcus, ?., Seymour (Smokey) Hartman, ?., and ?…..Third row l-r:  ?., Leon Slonomsky, Dave Gelade, Joe Gelade, Beansie Stuchin, ?., Ben Altschuler, Jess Fink, Nat Fanberg, ?., ?., Henry (Hit) Altschuler, Sam Cohen and Harry Brohbacher.


Meeting of Rabbis to discuss leadership held at Schneider Branch of the “Y” on January 9, 1973. Seated around table l-r:  Rabbi Harry Bornstein, Rabbie Simon Glustrom, Rabbi Martin Freedman, Rabbi Earl Jordon (National UJA) Gerrard Berman, Charles Kessler, Rabbi David Panitz, Rabbi Robert Aronowitz and Rabbi Bernard Schecter.  Not shown but also attended:  Rabbi Israel Dresner.


Independent Lodzer Young Men celebrated the 25th anniversay of Israel on May 12, 1973 at a dinner dance at Congregation B’nai Israel, Fair Lawn.  L-r: Ted Jay, Simon Weinstein, Irv Blau, Abe Peck, Henry Pulver and Abe MilichDannyNeufeldcubscounts029-001

The Blue and Gold Dinner, February, 1964….”Y” Cub Scout Pack 65…..3rd from left is Danny Neufeld and 2nd from right is Paul Lipkin.

BONUS PHOTO #1:  Barnert Hospital in the 1920's.

BONUS PHOTO #1:  Barnert Hospital in the 1920’s.


BONUS PHOTO #2:  The Barnert Hospital operating room showing a blood transfusion in the early 1930’s.   Doctors and nurses Sucoff, Willenger, Hollander, Van Slotten and Swingle are the surgical team.  The patient is unidentified.

May 24 “Lest We Forget”


Testimonial Dinner Tendered by the Alexander Hamilton Post, No. 139 V.F.W. to M. Metz Cohn, May 12, 1934…..Everyone is identified!


The Kaufman-Harris Post presents the flag to the YMHA on February 12, 1951.  L-r:  Mrs. Philip Replan, Hymen D. Goldberg, William Dressler, Irving J.  Kobre, Jacob Moskow, Miss Maude Mann, Mrs. Irving (Sylvia) Kobre, Mrs. Julius (Fanny)  Mann, Rev. Carl Mellberg and Sheriff Chris Edell.


Kaufman-Harris Post No. 36 award presentation…..l-r:  Adele Merker, Bill Pinsker, Herb Susser, Harry Zax and Ben Merker… unknown.


Memorial Day is being honored in this Fair Lawn photo…..l-r:  Sr. Vice Commander and Poppy Chairman Bernard Grablow, Commander Louis Greenberg, Mayor Lewis Sprechman, Auxiliary President Lillian Bazer and Hospital/Poppy Chairman PAP Helen Katz.


BONUS PHOTO #1:  This unknown decorated WW I Doughboy is standing on  Ellison Street at the corner of Church St.  You can see the Hamilton club on the far left with the car in front.  Date is unknown.


BONUS PHOTO #2 – Captain Jack Stern,(1900-1970),U.S. Army Air Corps,Paterson giant. This amazing man was a founder of “Dave Stern Tires” in Paterson, once one of the largest independent tire dealers in the U.S. In his spare time, among other things, he was president of the YM/YWHA; President of Barnert Hospital; Police & Fire Commissioner of Paterson; UJA Chairman; President of the Jewish Community Center;Campaign Chairman of the Cancer Campaign;General Vice-Chairman of the Red Cross War Fund Drive; appointee of the Governor to the N.J. to the N.J. Commission on Civil Rights; and member of the Alhtaha Council,Boy Scouts of America and the list goes on and on……….

Private RobertISenick097

BONUS PHOTO’S #3 AND #4:  On the left is an unidentified buck sergeant and on the right is Private Robert I. Senick

May 31


Looks to be a dedication or meeting of the new Schneider Building…..the Empress House is seen as the backdrop to this group of attendees.


THE WESTERMAN FAMILY…..1920’s…..seated l-r:  Rose Westermen, Leo (Lipman) Westerman, Elke Nachimson Westerman and Lena Westerman…..Standing l-r:  Louis M. Westerman, Esther Westerman and Paul (Pesach) Westerman.

image (1)

The gleeful recipients of the Ted Harris Cup Award on October 1, 1949…..Standing l-r:  Jerry Nathans, Ben Turgelsky, Mel Scult and Joel “Dodo” Cohen….seated  in front.  Len Pine


Meeting of Wyckoff Division of UJA held November 26, 1972.  Standing l-r:  Harry Freidman, Dennis Brown, Philip Sarna, Irwin Podell, Dr. Jesse Gochman, Dr. Lawrence Berman and Jack Birnberg…..Seated l-r:  Arthur Rebell, Robert Yudin, William Perlberg and Walter Sanders.  Present but not in photo:  Richard Lane and Ken Mack.


BONUS PHOTOT #1: Diane Smith made this cake for Girl Scout Troop 65 “Court of Honor”…..March 29, 1971.  All others are unidentified.


BONUS PHOTO #2:  Solly Bornstein and Blanche Polasky stand in front of a bust of Senator and Attorney General Thomas F. McCran (1875-1925) in Eastside Park, Paterson, on July 31, 1941. The McCran Memorial was dedicated in 1927 and the bust of the Senator was sculpted by Gaetano Federici.