“Who Am I?” – 2013

August 2013

I was born in Passaic, N.J. in 1909 of immigrant Jews from the Ukraine. Did you know that one of my poems, called “The City”, was a major influence on Allen Ginsberg’s poem, “Howl?”  I served in WWII and after my service I co-wrote the screen play for the movie, “The Asphalt Jungle” with John Huston which starred a very young Marilyn Monroe and Sterling Hayden.  Among my other movie credits were “God’s Little Acre”; “Framed”; and “The Unforgiven”. I was working on the scripts of “High Noon” and “The Wild Ones”; however, I lost those jobs and soon became a victim of the blacklist and had to write under a pseudo name. I died in 1992. My picture appears below. Who am I? (No, I am not Philip Roth!)



September 2013

You’d be surprised to find out that I’m from Passaic, NJ!  I made some appearances on “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” and the Andy Griffith Show and I had some bit Broadway parts; however, after 10 years or so in the entertainment business I became an ‘overnight sensation’ when I made my mark in a landmark ‘counter-culture’ 1960’s film along with some desperados and directed by Harry Penn’s son. No, I’m not Arnold Stang without his spectacles. Who am I?

October 2013

I was born in the same neck of the woods as “Old Blue Eyes” but I’m not sure we ever crossed paths. I took lots of photos back then and tried to get folks to see my craft as a legitimate art form. This synergy worked out well for me because my wife liked to paint. My unruly mane led some people think I looked an awful lot like the young Samuel Langhorne Clemens but they were all mistaken. In my later years I ran a gallery of my own. I just love those avant-garde artists, don’t you? Who am I?

November 2013

Not many people called me Irv. I wasn’t exactly a model citizen but hey, I was good to my family. After all I married a rabbi’s daughter. During Prohibition, among my other enterprises, I ran a brewery right here in Paterson at 473 Marshall Street. I must say we produced pretty good stuff too.     I was a tough guy and knew my way around the mob. I might even have iced a few guys myself but that was nothing personal and strictly for business reasons. Wouldn’t ya know it? Some of my business partners turned out to be finks and turned stool pigeon on me. Ok, maybe I didn’t pay all of my taxes like I shoudda. I did some hard time in the slammer and died, of natural causes, on “the rock.” I threw in a picture of myself below. That’s me in the lineup on the far left. I guess I could use a shave but I didn’t like to go to barber shops. I mean look what happened to Umberto (Albert) Anastasio just a few years after I bought the farm…. Who am I?



December 2013

I was a patriotic girl raised right here in Paterson,NJ. During The War(the big one) I volunteered in the Women’s Army Corps and by War’s end I rose to the rank of captain and served as a company commander. I was a “non-nonsense” individual and one of the first of my gender to launch a “P.R.” career in the competitive entertainment industry and found success working for some of the major Hollywood studios to include RKO, United Artists, and Samuel Goldwyn Productions. It’s true that later on I married a pioneer in the new medium of television(someone you may have viewed on your small screen black & white DuMont TV encased in a large wooden console); however, don’t let my glamorous photo fool you. I was also a “hands on” person in democratic politics and an active philanthropist with a primary emphasis on aiding children who were mentally handicapped. No, I am not Arlene Dahl. Who am I?